Saturday, October 16, 2010

Triskelion Round Stickers from Zazzle

Spiral Triskelion symbol in black and white.

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"Sky Harbor" Float Plane Watercolor Print from Paul Jackson

"Sky Harbor" Float Plane Watercolor Print from is part in a series of landscape watercolor paintings by Missouri artist Paul Jackson. This artwork available on other products such as mugs, tees and greeting cards in this Zazzle shop.

Man up!

Man up!

It was one of the sound bytes national media picked up on out of the Sharon Angle and Harry Reid debate earlier this week.

When I saw Harry Reid blaming President Bush for our economy, I too thought ... Man up!

One would hope the average Nevadan would realize that the US Constitution that Harry Reid carries in his chest pocket gives the US a pack of senators elected by the people to provide balance and stop a president from having too much power. So, if Reid was on the job, following that constitution ... how could Bush be at fault for the economic crisis?

Of course, I really don't buy into the whole blame Bush theory to begin with. I think the market crashed because of problems that started long ago.

I found an article that outlines some historical perspective on the mess we find ourselves in. The first law that started changes that would bring more changes was signed by Jimmy Carter. This problem is decades in the making. I worry the problem will be around for decades because the root problems have not been addressed ... by Bush or Harry Reid.

Big Polka Dots Pattern Mug from Zazzle

Big Polka Dots Pattern Mug - A funky design with black and white polka dots. You can customize this mug and add a background color to go with the black spots.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Epic News, presented by Sprint Films

Do you create short movies and post them places like YouTube? Check out the home page for Sprint at YouTube. This Epic contest that Spring is hosting right now has a grand prize of $25,000, and ten more finalists will win free movie tickets for a year from Fandango. Deadline looming at the beginning of November. It isn't my think, but I'll try checking in early November to vote on my favorite.

Make Your Own Felt Mice & Bats Silhouettes for Halloween

Make Your Own Felt Mice & Bats Silhouettes for Halloween ... more info on this blog.

Betty Boop Cartoon Banned For Drug Use in 1934

Betty Boop Cartoon Banned For Drug Use 1934

Betty Boop 1933 Banned Cartoons Halloween Party

Betty Boop 1933 Banned Cartoons Halloween Party

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Black and White Pigeon T Shirts from Zazzle

Pigeon shirt
Pigeon by silhouette_emporium
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The silhouette of a pigeon in black and white on tees available at Zazzle. Both designs can be placed on a variety of styles.

Bright Rainbow Mouse Mat from

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A funky bright rainbow background with a black peace symbol.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Official Ryan Kelly Music Posters at Zazzle

Some popular posters this week at are from the official Ryan Kelly Music store. The music posters are digitally autographed. You will find photos and album cover featuring Ryan Kelly. There are cool music posters, hoodies, tees, magnets and even mugs.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

White Maltese Cross T-shirts from Zazzle

White Maltese Cross shirt
White Maltese Cross by silhouette_emporium
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White Maltese Cross Shirt - A white Maltese cross on a black background ... one of the insignias attributed to the Knights Hospitaller.

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St. Pierre, Caen, France, 1903.

St. Pierre, Caen, France, 1903

For Morans

"For Morans", originally uploaded by AnnaleeBlysse.

Almost two years ago we were thick into the presidential election cycle. I remember now giggling when I found someone's "for morans" tag on a Republican XMAS tree ornament. (I'm pretty good at typing the wrong letter too, but this is hilarious!)

No Social Security COLA expected for 2011

This Associated Press report found via yahoo reporting that No Social Security COLA expected for 2011. They state it isn't such good news for the Dems, as people will be hostile at having less income. The article ends: "Democrats have been working hard to make Social Security an election-year issue, running political ads and holding press conferences to accuse Republicans of plotting to privatize the national retirement program."

Harry Reid here in Nevada has has used that tactic to try to paint Sharron Angle as being too extreme on Social Security. But, I have to tell you Harry. Every year when I get the paperwork the SSA sends me (and I just did in the last few weeks) is a day that I am reminded: "Man! I can't retire on this!"

I can't possibly be the only person my age that has noticed the only way I'll ever retire (much less retire happy, wild and free) is by saving a lot more money. I look around me at strangers, relatives and friends that are still working at casinos, stores, fast food, etc... at 70 or more because under the the Social Security Act they can't retire. I realize I will be them if I'm not careful with my personal, privatized retirement choices that I'm already having to make!

Truth is Harry, that SSA isn't working for us Nevadans that you're supposed to be in touch with.

I'm trying to remember back when I was eighteen and got my first job. I was really optimistic that I'd retire. I'm positive that if I'd been told at 18 that my generation wouldn't have SSA, but instead I could deposit a percentage of my income into tax-free personal retirement accounts ... I would not have been any less enthusiastic about the future.