Friday, September 17, 2010

Woman Wiping Sweat Poster from

Woman Wiping Sweat Poster from - This vintage print is a head-and-shoulders portrait of a young woman wiping the sweat from her brow. This vintage image by Utamaro Kitagawa was first created in 1798.

Emma's Coffee Mug from

Emma's Coffee Mug mug
Emma's Coffee Mug by designs4you
Create custom commuter mugs online at

PROST! Oktoberfest Mug Sale! - $3 off all mugs and steins! Use Code: PROSTMUGSALE Ends Monday. Black and white name design that can be customized. Emma's Coffee Mug from

Colourful Rainbow - iPhone Wallpaper

Colourful - iPhone Wallpaper, originally uploaded by Lars Kehrel.

A funky iPhone wallpaper from flickr...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dear Senator Reid ... Stop Digging

From ... "Stop Digging" is a television advertisement to highlight the decades-old problem of government overspending, and the staggering fiscal problems it has created. It sure doesn't seem to be a problem that Harry Reid acknowledges. He's rather spend more. Obama, Pelosi, Reid and others like him have got the deficit up to over $13 trillion, with a projected $1.3 trillion added this year. Reid would have us think Angle is somehow extreme for wanting to reign in the extravagant spending. As this public notice highlights by making visual the Will Rogers quote: "If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging."

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

AMC Javelin (Blue) T-Shirt from

Alex's Wish List: AMC Javelin (Blue) T-Shirt from AMC Javelin in blue from the 70's

Cars' Tow Mater Disney T-shirts from

Ben's Wish List: Cars' Tow Mater Disney T-shirts from

Soccer Sock Monkey Mesh Hat from

Soccer Sock Monkey hat
Soccer Sock Monkey by icunow
Design a trucker hat at zazzle

Soccer Sock Monkey shirt
Soccer Sock Monkey by icunow
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Ben is my 4-year-old nephew and I'm keeping track of his XMAS wish list via posts here as I'll find them again myself. Today he'd rather have the shirt and hat ... no on Tow Mater. Hmm...

Ben's Wish list: Soccer Sock Monkey Mesh Hat from

Twitter: discover what's new in your world

A new Twitter tonight? When? Tonight is almost over? Twitter is out here in Pacific time zone? We've only got about 5 hours left folks. I see the auto-tweet from Blogger had a new screen. Suppose that'll happen later tonight? Got me curious. AAAAH! (Okay then, I'll leave for awhile and come back and see what happens.)

Italian Flag Keds Shoe

Italian Flag Keds Shoe - A tricolor design like the Italian Flag ... green, white and red available for men or women in both high and lo top versions below.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Circles & Squares Mug from

Circles & Squares Mug mug
Circles & Squares Mug by annaleeblysse
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A funky black and white concentric circle design: Circles & Squares Mug from These coffee cups make interested choice of home decor.

Overview - Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 Ultimate - Retail

The latest version of Corel Paintshop Photo Pro X3 Ultimate is popping up in my old PSP showing that it is available for retail. To encourage upgrades they are providing a handful of freebies such as a gradient and fractal creation plug-ins, as well as the Painter Essentials described in thd video below. Unfortunately for me, my computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements.

Two Cute Black and White Kitties

The expression on these two cat's faces is just adorable. Come on already, take the picture we've got more mice to chase. But, they did sit there together long enough to have their picture taken. LOL.

Black and White Pi Symbol Business Cards for Mathmeticians

Create your own business cards with a pi symbol for a logo image.