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Showing posts from September 5, 2010

Cat Pirate T-Shirt from

Cat Pirate T-Shirt by jamierushad
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Cute cat-loving tee for Talk Like a Pirate Day! Cat Pirate T-Shirt from

Bright Kaleidoscope Mouse Pad from

Bright Kaleidoscope by annaleeblysse
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September Savings - Free shipping on orders $30+! Use Code: SEPTSHIPDEAL Ends Wednesday Bright Kaleidoscope Mouse Pad from

I Love Anchorage Alaska Hat from

I Love Anchorage Hat by annaleeblysse
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Calligraphy font that is easy to customize w/ another word: I Love Anchorage Hat from

I Love Krumkake Apron from

I Love Krumkake by definingyou
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For Norwegians gearing up for Christmas cooking and eating fun! I Love Krumkake Apron from

Swinging Lights Mousepad from

Swinging Lights by annaleeblysse
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Some energetic dots of light I created last night got Today's Best at Zazzle today: Swinging Lights Mousepad from Reminded me of Christmas tree lights moving in the wind.

1964 Good Friday Earthquake in Anchorage, Alaska

1964 JC Penny's, originally uploaded by AnnaleeBlysse. A scanned image that my late step grandfather took of damage to the at that time new JC Penny's store in Anchorage, Alaska during the aftermath of the 1964 Good Friday Earthquake. My aunt worked for Penny's when she was young and was just walking out of the store when the massive earthquake hit. As you can see, concrete slabs were falling off the building around her. She survived but witness tragedy and that stayed with her the rest of her life.

I Love Detroit Postcard from

J'aime Étienne T-Shirt from

J'aime Étienne T-Shirt by definingyou
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J'aime Étienne T-Shirt by definingyou
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French versions in black and white of the "I Love" parody tees that can be customized. J'aime Étienne T-Shirt from

Swinging Lights Avery Label from

Swinging Lights Avery Label by annaleeblysse
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Energetic balls of light on a dark background. Abstact of outdoor Christmas tree lights swining on a windy night. Swinging Lights Avery Label from

Female Dogs Love Me Dog Tshirt from

Female Dogs Love Me by definingyou
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Bitches love me for studly dogs. Female Dogs Love Me Dog Tshirt from Pet clothing for your pooch.

Christchurch New Zealand Earthquake Photos

Asko Design and Carl Watkins Salon, originally uploaded by Hib1. I was wandering around from the Flickr blog a bit today to look at some photos people have been taking around Christchurch, New Zealand after the massive 7.1 earthquake. Amazing that a huge plate glass window survived with so much other damage. This photographer explains the quake stopped the clock. I see via news sources on Internet you're all still feeling aftershocks. Take care Kiwis.

USA Embroidered Hat from

I Love Souvlaki Apron from

Down to the wire for the fantastic Labor Day Sale at Zazzle! Aprons had the best discount. What a great deal. Customize your own "I Heart" design with a template: I Love Souvlaki Apron from

I Love Souvlaki by annaleeblysse
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Amelia - Official Theatrical Trailer

I watched the movie today for the first time. I recall watching an old movie at Amelia Earhart when I was a kid and finding it moving. This version with Hillary Swank playing the aviatrix was also interesting. It saddens me to be reminded at the difference between the heroines my grandmother's generation compared to what the youngsters these days see in the media. Today, the entire media applauds the biggest nitwits they can find and create stars out of women with no talent. Today, the mainstream media demeans conservative women of power. FOX may not work as hard at demeaning liberal women, but at least Katie Couric doesn't have the camera sweep in front of her glass top desk so she can have the male audience refocus on her legs every minute and a half.