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I Love Dominque Binders from

I Love Dominque by definingyou
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Create your own calligraphy style "I Heart" design with this easy to use template: I Love Dominque Binders from

New York Doesn't Love You Parod T-shirts from


Calico Jack Pirate Flag Print from

Calico Jack Pirate Flag Print by designs4you
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Posters on sale half-off at Zazzle this weekend for Labor Day. Just in time for Talk Like a Pirate Day this year ... or Halloween posters. Calico Jack Pirate Flag Print from Below is a cute, kids pirate flag.

Pirate Flag Poster by designs4you
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Stars Keds Shoe

Thousands and thousands of stars from the Omega Centauri image from NASA/Hubble. There is a great sale going on right now with shoes for Labor Day. The details are prominent on Zazzle's site.

Stars Keds Shoe by annaleeblysse
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Fantasy Rivendell Travel Poster - Elves from

Fantasy travel poster - elves by stevethomas
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One of my favorite posters around Zazzle... Fantasy travel poster - elves from It's a particularly good time to order posters because they're currently 50% off with the USE PROMO CODE: LABORDAYSALE

Zebra Photo Frame Button from

Zebra Photo Frame Button by annaleeblysse
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Add a family photo to this black and white Zebra skin frame design: Zebra Photo Frame Button from

Some days are just all fleas and no kibble cards from

Another adorable photo of a dog! This cute little boxer pup is contemplating life and noticing that: Some days are just all fleas and no kibble cards from

Some days are just all fleas and no kibble by kristanc03
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Puppy Love Chihuahua Posters from

Puppy Love prints and posters by MaylinJ
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I was creating items today and found this totally adorable photo of a couple cute long-haired chihuahua pups ... one kissing the other. So cute! Puppy Love prints and posters from

Barn Swallow Tshirts from

Barn Swallow by silhouette_emporium
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The silhouette of a flying barn swallow from a vintage image: Barn Swallow Tshirts from Shown here on a Ladies Long Sleeve, though the design can be printed on other styles of apparel.

VA working to help Vietnam vets exposed to Agent Orange

Sometimes you have to read between the lines when it comes to thinking about what the media portrays medical care in connection with disability. Read this article.

The sentence that is most annoying: "Vietnam veterans suffering from Parkinson’s disease, ischemic heart disease and all chronic B cell leukemia will no longer have to demonstrate a connection between their conditions and their military service."

If we've been providing care for our veterans, why on Earth would they have to prove there was a connection between their condition and their military service to receive disability for an illness such as Parkinson's or leukemia? It is so sad to think that Uncle Sam has been turning down disability benefits for veterans with leukemia or the other ailments with an excuse as feeble as it might not have been the Agent Orange that is killing you.

Would someone (anybody!) that likes the idea of Obamacare please explain to me how it is you believe, deep in your heart …

Black and White Pi Symbol Buttons from


Create Your Own Keychain from

The other day this old keychain got one of those top views awards at Zazzle: Create Your Own Keychain from leading me to believe that tehre is a traffic-generating fairy that goes around sprinkling pixie dust on various links from time to time. It's a fine product, but it isn't one I'd typically think of as drawing gobs of traffic.

Create Your Own Keychain by annaleeblysse
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Black and White Kangaroo T-shirt from


I Love Tiffany T-Shirt from

Zazzle is currently hosting an End of Summer Deal (done gone back-to-school) with free shipping on all orders $50 or more! Use Code: SUMMERSHIPIT Ends Wednesday!

I Love Tiffany T-Shirt by annaleeblysse
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I Love Tiffany T-Shirt from

Anti Obama Box aka Boo Hoo Box

Anti Obama Box aka Boo Hoo Box, originally uploaded by tinabinaboobops!. Wandering around Flickr and found a Squidoo user's pics with some anti-Obama paintings. It's okay if I blame Bush for different things I didn't like, but I sure get tired of it in Obama because from what I can see he's done a worse job with the economy. See more at:

Free Elka T-shirt from

Free Elka by hotincleveland
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TV Land added black tees to the Hot in Cleveland "Free Elka" merchandise they have on Zazzle: Free Elka T-shirt from

Carnival Star Flower Photo Cut Out from