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Sign Post

Sign Post, originally uploaded by AnnaleeBlysse. I was amused at the "$pendocino" and "Bezerkeley" on this sign post at the grocery store in Elk, California. I used to live in Valdez, Alaska.

13 - August - 2010 -- Shooting Star

13 - August - 2010 -- Shooting Star, originally uploaded by reway2007. I was driving through California after dark last night ... and did see a little more meteors than normal as I drove through the Sierra Nevada. But only a few as I was driving with at least one eye on the road in front of me!

Gas Hogs in California

For the past couple days I went with my brother, sister-in-law and my nephews to camping along Pacific Coast. I hadn't been to the area for twenty years. This trip I only went to Mendocino - Manchester - Fort Bragg area. Twenty years ago I pretty much visited the entire California coast.

Twenty years ago there weren't brochures reminding everyone the enviromentally-kind ways to visit the coast. Today those brochures, that I'm sure they're hoping will be recycled, are focusing on being eco-friendly. They even have "hybrid cars only" parking spots in California because they're so progressive thinking.

Interestingly, what I remember from twenty years ago was that there were so many people biking the coast that it was kinda scary driving. Every other sharp hairpin corner ... there was a group of biking tourists. There was no way that you could sight-see while driving because you never new when you'd come around a corner and kill a biker if you weren'…

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I Love Italy by annaleeblysse
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I Love Italy Mug from - Customize this coffee cup with your own country, city, state, or sweetie's name.

Ted Stevens

Ted Stevens, originally uploaded by Tori.. I was very saddened to hear of the passing on former Senator Ted Stevens. He was a leader in my home state most of my life. He was the kind of polician that was bipartisan in that he was in touch with the needs of Alaskans. I used to live in the town near where his plane went down, and worked for a mostly liberal-minded agency that had little trouble getting Ted Stevens to lend an ear to various ideas. He was the kind of politician that those of us working in public jobs and had dealings with his office could agree with, or disagree with ... and mostly not be annoyed with. The public in general might not have seen that side because they just see what the media portrays.

Years ago when I was still teaching I went with a group of youth from Bristol Bay and Anchorage to Washintgon DC for the Close-Up Program. Dillingham was there. A friend of mine that now works for the State of Alaska was a senior at the time. Anyway, there was some big vote (can…

Emmanuel Kindergarten Crayon Cookies

Emmanuel Kindergarten Crayon Cookies, originally uploaded by Cookie Couture, LLC. Take a look at these adorable crayon shaped sugar cookies. Yum. Fun party idea.

[sh]out and ab[out]

[sh]out and ab[out], originally uploaded by statikmotion. This photo of porch furniture that I found on the flickr blog looks a bit like something one might find in Bush Alaska after a bear got through with it.

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The Thinking Man by newsweek
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Ah! It is just a darn shame that we can't buy this old Newsweek in the back issues. I'd really like to read how Al Gore is The Thinking Man's Thinking Man. LOL. Alas, you can only buy a poster of the cover... The Thinking Man Posters from

We're All Socialists Now

We are all Socialists Now by newsweek
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Ha. After I was complaining about laws infecting all aspects of our life with additional costs ... I see that the Newsweek store at Zazzle sells back issues. If you missed it the first time, here is the "We're All Socialists Now" back issue that Glenn Beck talks about.

Anyone Notice

I can hear Glenn Beck in the other room talking on the TV talking about accepting the government bailouts just because they can are available is enslaving our kids to pay back the debt. Makes sense to me. Personal responsibility isn't a bad thing. Maybe it's time to dump the mortagage if you can't afford it. Just maybe?

Then FOX cuts to commercial...

We can save you thousands on your credit card bills! The government programs are there for you! Call us right now and we'll save your the big bucks.

The Cost of Driving

I drive my truck so little that it costs me more per mile for auto insurance than it does for gasoline. Let me just say that I'm not feeling like Nationwide is on my side right now! The insurance agent, of course, blames it on the State of Nevada.

Though he may have neglected to offer discounts for other items that could have saved me a few bucks ... the truth is that by mandating insurance our government allows these companies to charge whatever they want. The only real competition now is for the cost of coverage policies that are over and above what is required by the government.

Mandated auto insurance laws in the last decades have more than doubled auto insurance for me. And yet, I've never once needed the insurance and likely never will. Those of us that don't drink, don't smoke, don't turn around and scream at our kids in the baskseat, don't eat, don't speed, don't text, and don't talk on the phone while we drive really don't need insura…

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