Friday, July 23, 2010

Anti-Fluride Nuts Among You

I found one of the Nevada Dem's sites that describes Sharon Angle as "Just Plain Weird".

Those of you that consider yourself a a thinking man's Democrat should be offended because us more conservative folks out can't help but notice that the site isn't exactly appealing to the best and the brightest and is instead designed in terms that even you can understand.

If you click on the "Tap Water" portion, they drop stupid statements like a group Angle has been tied to thinks HIV can be spread in the water supply and "perhaps that's the real reason she's into fluoride conspiracies". Of course, putting those words into Angle's mouth based on what someone else said is dishonest and akin to condeming the entire Catholic Church based on the actions of a few.

Funny thing is, I found a clip on MSNBC where some national Democratic strategist thinks it is very important for Angle to explain her thoughts on fluoride too. Kinda reminds me of when the liberal media got quotes from Matt Damon calling for needing to get Palin to explain if she really, really thought dinosaurs lived a few thousand years ago. Because that is just so scary that she might think that. Those conservatives are all so weird, aren't they?

From my point of view, I wouldn't think Dems here in Nevada would find that very helpful to bring up this fluoride issue. The real reasons most of us are anti-fluoride folks swing toward being anti-fluoride is that we think adding fluoride to our drinking water is government making a health care decision for everyone without our consent. Some of us believe that forcing a health care decision on the public is unethical. Even when the government has our best interests at heart ... it is still unethical. In fact, believe it or not ... some of us really, really want Obamacare repealed because we think it is unethical and unconstititional.

Wow. Imagine that.

How did I get to be anti-fluoride?

When I was a kid I lived in a non-fluoride town, so the schools gave us tablets. We could throw them away if we wanted to opt out. My mother had us chew them. My mother was given the choice! I listened to my mother. I'm probably fine for it and likely won't get cancer.

When is it weird to want to make those decisions for ourselves? Why did we let the government take away the  opt-out? Is it because it is cheaper to put in the water rather than hand out tablets? Is that why it happened? Because, considering the way government wastes money ... that is a pretty poor excuse.

When it comes to fluoride, it is not really a make or break issue. After all, here in Nevada we tend to have a higher than average fluoride content in our groundwater to begin with. Government regulations thus would require the water to be filtered before adding the commercial fluoride back in. So, it doesn't really bug me that they add it back in. I filter my water anyway.

The thing is, fluoride might be a small issue ... but it is one of many that are made on our behalf. I think it is incredibly dangerous to give government the roll of being the "smart people" that makes all decisions of those of us that are too stupid, too poor, too apt to tea party, or just plain old too weird to make important decisions ourselves. Never have I been more concerned that we're giving up rights to our government when some among the current group of "smart people" in DC enacted Obamacare despite admitting they couldn't possibly read the entire bill, and we'd just have to wait until it was passed to find out what was really in it. I've never been more concerned about of government having too much power than when I saw President Obama stand in front of the masses and say conservatives were "bearing false witness" about his bill, and that there would not be abortions performed with federal funds. Gee, if Obama had been truthful that day ... how is it that now that the bill is passed that there are abortion clinics getting funds faster than individuals are receiving help with insurance costs? Glenn Beck might have an answer on that one ... but some of these same Dems woud likely point out that he is just plain old weird too.

Now that I've admitted I'm anti-fluoride and that I purposefully filter my water to help eliminate what has been added ... I guess this eliminates me from ever running for office. Oh well. Is it a hot button topic for me? Not really. I'm much more concerned about known toxins the Fed ignores that are in personal care products than those that might be harmful. The FDA approves a lot of scarier compounds than fluoride for consumption or use in personal care.

But, the fact also remains that scientists don't have a firm handle on the long term consequences of fluorides in drinking water and they admit that themselves. Because the Dem's here in Nevada brought it up, I went to find a study in Australia. If you look about a bit, you'll see that in terms of looking for cancer, all the studies used to look at the incident rate were poor because there was no follow up.

In other words ... the studies that developed nations use to advocate fluoride use for dental health only followed people during the time frame of the study. They didn't find any significant cancer rates at the time. Not suprising considering cancer often takes decades of exposure to carcinogens to develop. So, basically, we don't know what the cancer rates are decades later.

That just might mean ... Oops, sorry you're dead. But, at least you still have all your teeth.

Maybe not, but we really don't know the truth.

Except about one thing. What is certain is that those of us in the developed world do die from cancer at a higher rate...

Must be from the fluoride ... woo-woo-wooooo.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yucca Mountain in a Green Energy Economy

There's an anti-Angle-because-she-is-pro-Yucca advertisement running on my blog right now. Dear Senator Reid ... I'm pro-Yucca too. I know, yucky. But the mess is already out there, needing to be stored somewhere safer than it currently is.

My question is why Harry Reid thinks Sharon Angle is anti-jobs for Nevada when he doesn't want Yucca Mountain. Especially considering that he wants to help usher the USA into a green economy. Just what kind of green jobs does he really want Nevada get? Ten guys running around the desert wiping the buzzard crap off solar panels that covered up all our wide open spaces? Or thousands of people that will have jobs if Yucca Mountain is used to store radioactive waste for the rest of human history?

Let's get realistic ... covering the desert southwest with solar panels or wind turbines isn't feasible. Coal isn't really clean. So, it will likely be nuclear that powers the United States as humanity moves into the next phase. Storing the radioactive mess at one site where the Fed and electric companies have ALREADY invested billions and billions kinda makes sense.

Actually, it makes the only sense. The electric companies that need to dump their waste have invested in Yucca Mountain since the start. How would the US pay them back if we stopped the plan?

Of course, I don't know that I have a whole lot of faith in the government funded studies that created Yucca Mountain. But, my not really trusting an inefficient government is just another reason I'm anti-Reid.

Face it...

Reid has been in DC for decades and he didn't stop Yucca Mountain from being developed. It's partly his fault we have the facility here in Nevada!

If Reid ever successfully did get Yucca Mountain shut down (which is an empty promise he picked hoping for the anti-YM crowd vote) that would be the epitome of government inefficiency and waste.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lake Tahoe Summer Vacation Hats

Below are a few Lake Tahoe Summer Vacation hats that can be customized with a text message. There are two different images of the blue waters of Lake Tahoe to choose from...

Lake Tahoe Summer Vacation Hat hat
Lake Tahoe Summer Vacation Hat by annaleeblysse

Lake Tahoe Nevada Hat hat
Lake Tahoe Nevada Hat by annaleeblysse

Same hats with a smaller image on the front...

Lake Tahoe Summer Vacation Hat hat
Lake Tahoe Summer Vacation Hat by annaleeblysse

Lake Tahoe California Hat hat
Lake Tahoe California Hat by annaleeblysse

Monday, July 19, 2010

Angle: Unemployed are "Spoiled"; It's not my job to fight for Nevadans' ...

I just got this off the Harry Reid YouTube project...

Sharon Angle is right. Remember folks, we really don't need a career politician like Reid that doesn't really get what it is like to be an average worker in Nevada.

Just last week I talked to an unemployed man whose unemployment is higher that he'd make working in fast food ... so he won't go apply. Those are his words, not Sharon Angle's.

I don't think that he is unique here in Nevada ... nor in the entire US. If we've had a higher-paying job that paid the maximum into UIB, we will get maximum benefits when that job ends. Who among us would rather work for mimimum wage than get maximum UIB benefits?


Come on now. Be honest!

Any takers?

Of course not. Who can afford to make less working fast food when unemployment pays more of the bills while waiting for the next good job? So we take the UIB hoping for another good job. And most of us don't bother applying for anything outside our field because not many really would take any job that popped up in front of is unless we really had to.

So what are we? Spoiled. Do we know it? Most of us.

This guy I know is a construction worker so he was making about $80K a year for the last decade. Dropping down to almost $28K a year for unemployment is a massive cut for him. So no, he isn't really spoiled on UIB. Sounds like ... no more iPhone. But does he know that when the UIB run out ... he'll take any job he can find? Sure. Would he sooner if Angle gets into office and helps cut back Washington spending? Sure.

What we need to remember is what we don't want is runaway spending in Washington! We can't afford it. Even the experts Obama has hired to analyze debt say we can't afford the track we're on if we want a future for America. We need someone like Angle that are more likely to stop the runaway spending and stop UIB extensions. Will "we the people" whine when our UIB is cut? Sure, because "we the people" are spoiled. But "we the people" also don't want to pay for and indefinite safety net waiting for people to go get that low-paying job instead high-paying UIB. Truth is most people don't want to move in with Mommy and Daddy when they can't find another job despite no more UIB, but, maybe they'll have to. It's okay for Sharon Angle to remind us of the tough choices we'll have to make until our economy turns around.

What we really need to remember Nevadans is that there is no (very little) building going on right now thanks to Harry Reid. Our economy stinks despite Reid having been pulling in the bacon for Nevada for years and years!

Reid may want to tell us he'll promise us jobs ... but did it work before? No! We are in a huge mess. Nevada is one of the worst states for unemployment in the entire nation!

And all this happened while Reid was in office... Hmm. Isn't that the reason we need change?

Truth is that Sharon Angle is also right by reminding us that if she is elected it won't be her job to pad pork into bills in Washington to promise Nevadans jobs. Perhaps she said that at the same interview but Reid's crew cut that out? Who knows. We won't get that story from Reid for sure.

Harry Reid is not going to admit that all of his padding bills in the past didn't work to keep us out of tough times!

And, this green job push certainly isn't going to bring prosperity again. Here is an example of one green building job going on here in Reno soon thanks to green jobs and people like Reid in Washington. It'll cost the US taxpayer millions to put in solar panels into the Reno-Tahoe International airport. It'll cost millions! Remember that. But it will only only put to work less than 50 construction workers (probably not even enough to take but a couple off the unemployed construction workers off the rolls). Then, when the first construction phase is over, there will be a 1.5 long term jobs for 1.5 people at the airport.

Thanks Reid ... that was so very helpful.

Real question I have is why is Harry Reid so closely aligning himself with Obama when Obama's anti-Nevada comments cause hundreds of conferences in Vegas to be cancelled. Tens of thousands of jobs in Nevada lost thanks to a few negative comments by our president? Maybe one of the skeltons on the Vegas skyline will again be filled with construction workers once the damage of Obama's words has passed and companies start booking more conferences again.