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Anti-Fluride Nuts Among You

I found one of the Nevada Dem's sites that describes Sharon Angle as "Just Plain Weird".

Those of you that consider yourself a a thinking man's Democrat should be offended because us more conservative folks out can't help but notice that the site isn't exactly appealing to the best and the brightest and is instead designed in terms that even you can understand.

If you click on the "Tap Water" portion, they drop stupid statements like a group Angle has been tied to thinks HIV can be spread in the water supply and "perhaps that's the real reason she's into fluoride conspiracies". Of course, putting those words into Angle's mouth based on what someone else said is dishonest and akin to condeming the entire Catholic Church based on the actions of a few.

Funny thing is, I found a clip on MSNBC where some national Democratic strategist thinks it is very important for Angle to explain her tho…

Yucca Mountain in a Green Energy Economy

There's an anti-Angle-because-she-is-pro-Yucca advertisement running on my blog right now. Dear Senator Reid ... I'm pro-Yucca too. I know, yucky. But the mess is already out there, needing to be stored somewhere safer than it currently is.

My question is why Harry Reid thinks Sharon Angle is anti-jobs for Nevada when he doesn't want Yucca Mountain. Especially considering that he wants to help usher the USA into a green economy. Just what kind of green jobs does he really want Nevada get? Ten guys running around the desert wiping the buzzard crap off solar panels that covered up all our wide open spaces? Or thousands of people that will have jobs if Yucca Mountain is used to store radioactive waste for the rest of human history?

Let's get realistic ... covering the desert southwest with solar panels or wind turbines isn't feasible. Coal isn't really clean. So, it will likely be nuclear that powers the United States as humanity moves into the next phase. Storing…

Lake Tahoe Summer Vacation Hats

Below are a few Lake Tahoe Summer Vacation hats that can be customized with a text message. There are two different images of the blue waters of Lake Tahoe to choose from...

Lake Tahoe Summer Vacation Hat by annaleeblysse

Lake Tahoe Nevada Hat by annaleeblysse

Same hats with a smaller image on the front...

Lake Tahoe Summer Vacation Hat by annaleeblysse

Lake Tahoe California Hat by annaleeblysse

Angle: Unemployed are "Spoiled"; It's not my job to fight for Nevadans' ...

I just got this off the Harry Reid YouTube project...

Sharon Angle is right. Remember folks, we really don't need a career politician like Reid that doesn't really get what it is like to be an average worker in Nevada.

Just last week I talked to an unemployed man whose unemployment is higher that he'd make working in fast food ... so he won't go apply. Those are his words, not Sharon Angle's.

I don't think that he is unique here in Nevada ... nor in the entire US. If we've had a higher-paying job that paid the maximum into UIB, we will get maximum benefits when that job ends. Who among us would rather work for mimimum wage than get maximum UIB benefits?


Come on now. Be honest!

Any takers?

Of course not. Who can afford to make less working fast food when unemployment pays more of the bills while waiting for the next good job? So we take the UIB hoping for another good job. And most of us don't bother applying for anything outside our field be…