Friday, June 25, 2010

George Michael Up Close Postage from

You learn something new every day ... George Michael has a store at Zazzle. There are plenty of designs to customize. George Michael Up Close Postage from

Lightning strikes three of the tallest buildings in Chicago at the same time!

Lightning strikes three of the tallest buildings in Chicago at the same time! from Craig Shimala on Vimeo.

For the third time in the last 6 days, another line of nasty storms rolled through Chicago on Wednesday evening. I love coming home and being able to watch and capture nature's beauty from my balcony.

"Wed's storms towered up to 63,000 ft, unleashed 80 mph gusts, local 3"+ rains and 15,000 cloud to ground lightning strikes in a single hour." via @Skilling

Music: Sufjan Stevens - To the Workers of the Rockford River Valley Region

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Alaska's Flag Sweatshirt from

In June 2010 a couple Wikipedia volunteers were having a heated discussion with regards to the colors and composition of the Alaskan flag. The one fellow said he contacted the State of Alaska just this month and got the correct color specifications. These golden stars match the new version of Alaska's Flag available on Wikipedia. Despite that color being changed, I'd like to add that my Alaska's Flag tees are still an artistic representation. I will be leaving the older versions of my Alaska's Flag tees with a yellow stared constellation as I like that shade as well. Besides ...over the years I've seen all kinds of flags for Alaska. Alaska's Flag Sweatshirt from

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Future Goatherd Shirt from

Future virtual farmer ... or perhaps a member of the Future Farmers of America? Cute little saanen goats cartoon in a herd on the tee. Future Goatherd Shirt from