Saturday, May 29, 2010

Recreating the Lomo Effect with Paint Shop Pro

Lomo Edges with PSP, originally uploaded by AnnaleeBlysse.

I was wandering around looking at Hipstamatic photos taken with iPhones on flickr and saw someone ask ... can we do it with Paint Shop Pro?

A lot of elements that create the Lomo effect are easy to reproduce with you break it down and start playing around with layers.

Add the darkened corners of the "Lomo" effect by adding a solid black raster layer (I chose to set to slight transparent). Then use the selection tool with a circle with the feather attribute set to about 100 or even 200 and select a circle in the middle ... then delete most of the dark layer. You don't have to be exact with chosing the center of your image because being a little off-center will add to the retro feel rather than detract.

The end result will be something like ...

Lomo Edges

If you want a more vintage or retro feel to the colors in your image add another layer with a navy blue color (I used #000040) that has the blend mode set to exclusion.

Vintage Colors How -to

The end result with a more retro feel to the colors will be...

Create Vintage Colors with Paint Shop Pro

Another option....

You can also use "Film and Filters" in the "Photo Effects" menu to add a tint in much the same way Hipstamatic users can add a color gel flash color to images. This is the cooling ... an aqua blue tint.

Using Film and Filters to add a tint

But the sky is the limit with picking colors and creating a custom filter. The Hipstamatic page shows red, yellow and blue color gel flash bulbs that they reproduced.

If you'd like to add a layer with a grungy effect... see this video tutorial about adding layers that I found on YouTube.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Finger Painting Crafts Idea

My sister and I went out to garage sales last weekend and I found this cute craft idea to make keepsakes of your kid's handprints. It looks to be as simple as dipping a kid's hand in mixed up paint and letting them create a handprint against white paper. Frame it and you've got a keepsake.

The Banana

The Banana, originally uploaded by AnnaleeBlysse.

One of my 3-year-old nephews left their banana on the post for the truck's mirror. Their mother didn't catch it for a day or two. I got to giggling at the thought of people next to her at stop lights wondering what the heck she was doing driving around with a banana on the truck. Even more amazing than that is the realization that this banana survived 65 mph speeds on I80 and never blew away.

Paint Shop Pro Tutorials - Layering Textures

Paint Shop Pro Tutorials - Layering Textures ~ is video will cover how to overlay textures using Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI.


Roses, originally uploaded by Shertila Tony.


I know a roadside where the wild rose blooms with a strange
abundance. There is a beauty in the blossoms too of an almost
exotic kind, a taint of deeper pink that shocks the Puritan flowers.
Two hundred generations ago (generations, I mean, of roses) this
was a village street; there was a floral decadence when they left their
simple life and the roses came from the wilderness to clamber round
houses of men.

Of all the memories of that little village, of all the cottages that stood
there, of all the men and women whose homes they were, nothing
remains but a more beautiful blush on the faces of the roses.

I hope that when London is clean passed away and the defeated fields
come back again, like an exiled people returning after a war, they may
find some beautiful thing to remind them of it all; because we have loved a little that swart old city.

~ Lord Dunsnay, Fifty-One Tales

(I got to looking for Lord Dunsnay thanks to

Paint Shop Pro Tutorials - Levels and Curves

Paint Shop Pro Tutorials - Levels and Curves

Do You Have a Flag?

Do You Have a Flag?, originally uploaded by lesandsunnie.

I finally found a reason I would want to buy an iPhone ... playing around with Hipstamatic.

Probably can use it with iPad? Or iPod Touch? Anyone stopping by use the app with non-camera products and then just save the pictures?

Happy Memorial Day all.

Nefertiti Globes

Nefertiti Globes, originally uploaded by Brooklyn Museum.

In my old novel Starlit Destiny the heroine travels across the galaxy to the known center of the Universe ... and buys a snowglobe. I was amused when I found this wonderful picture of Nefertiti "snow" globes. Though ... what snow would have to do with Luxor, Egypt is somewhat a mystery ... they're still awesome!

White Polka Dots on Aqua

White Polka Dots on Aqua, originally uploaded by AnnaleeBlysse.

Aqua with white polka dotted patter on a 1024x768 sized desktop background ... free wallpaper.

A second free wallpaper...

White Polka Dots on Aqua

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Robby Gordon goes big.

Robby Gordon goes big., originally uploaded by bobbychuck24.

An amazing image of a car "going big" on the Imperial Sand Dunes. The car looks awfully close to the spectators. I'd be a little scared to watch. LOL.

Photograhy Business Card

All business cards are 40% off at Zazzle this Memorial Day weekend with the coupon code MEMORIALSALE. Here you'll find a great template business card for photographers that doubles as a coupon offer itself. It is an attractive, yet simple business card design with a black background. Photographers and artists can easily replace this image with your work. On the back there is room for contact information as well as a coupon offer to encourage interested passersby that stop by your booth at a trade show or arts & crafts bazaar to become new customers in the future.

Slice of Earth Glowing Clouds Print from

Posters are on sale at Zazzle for Memorial Day Weekend (50% off prints with the coupon code MEMORIALSALE), and so I went shopping and bought this poster for my wall. Very pretty don't you think? I don't know the artist on Zazzle ... but the colors and futuristic style artwork match me.

Slice of Earth glowing clouds Print from

Fleur de Lis Mug from

Fleur de Lis Mug from

Gold Fleur de Lys ... A Fleur de Lis in one of the colors of Mardi Gras.

Travel/Commuter Mug ~ Be in style when you’re on the go with our stainless steel travel/commuter mug. This spill-proof commuter mug has a removable plastic top and looks good adorned with your favorite picture or text. Hand wash only. Imported.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vassily Kandinsky, Bild mit rotem Fleck

Kandinsky and the Revolution of Modern Art

By Angela Dawson-Field

Modern Art has led the way to a far deeper and diverse exploration of Art, and Art is, and always has been, a reflection of ourselves, and our culture. Ultimately, it is, who we are. In this way, when choosing Canvas Art for our home, we instinctively want the Artwork, we choose to reflect this. Modern Art fulfils this desire, for many people. Why is this? It has a lot to do with the fact Art incorporates so many aspects of our development, as individuals, and as a society generally. Whichever style of Modern Art appeals to you, one thing remains certain. It will add style and chic to any modern home.

Modern Canvas Art adds that all important finishing touch to any newly decorated room. It can also enhance your existing decor, by adding something new and exciting to your surroundings. Modern Canvas Wall Art can turn a tedious wall into a vivacious and interesting focal point. Much more economical than replacing furniture. By simply hanging a fabulous piece of modern Canvas Art, you can change the ambience of a room, and make your environment a lot more interesting. There are many forms of Modern Art, some more diverse, and more controversial than others. For more than one hundred years, the time when the realms of Modern Art were moulded, there has been much controversy. Today, much of the Abstract Art which was once rejected, primarily, because of lack of understanding, has become widespread. Abstract Art developed through many progressions within Art. However, it is Russian born Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky (1866-1944) who was accredited as being the first Modern Abstract Artist to produce pure Abstract Art works, in 1910. Kandinsky grew up in the city of Odessa, situated in the Southern Ukraine. Unlike many of the famous Artists of this period, Kandinsky did not study Art, nor did he begin painting at an early age. In fact, Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky did not pick up an Artist brush or pencil until he was thirty years old. He studied law and economics at the University of Moscow, then went on to gain a professorship at the University of Dorpat.

When Kandinsky moved to Munich in 1896, he began to study Art at the private Art school of Anton Azbe. A school which had become one of the most famous in the capitol. Kandinsky was not the only renowned Artist to study here. Jawelensky, Jakopic and Petrovic all attended the A�be School. Jawelensky moved to the Bavarian capitol in 1896, the same year as Kandinsky, in order to study at the Azbe School. In 1909, he and other artists would join Kandinsky to form the Neue K�nstlervereinigung M�nchen, in 1909. It translated, the �New Artists Association of Munich�. The early work of Jawelensky was rich and colorful, but later, his work would search for the simplicity and spirituality found within Abstract Art. The New Artists Association would lead to founding of Der Blaue Reiter, or the Blue Rider, group. A short lived but notable forerunner, for the development of Modern Art, during the twentieth century. Kandinsky and Franz Marc was central to the formation of the �Blue Rider�. The group formed as a direct response to the refusal to exhibit an Oil Painting of Kandinsky�s, titled �The Last Judgement�. Other members of the Blue Rider group included August Macke, Albert Bloch and Lyonel Feininger. All of which are considered to be highly influential and important painters, with regards to the development of Modern Art. The color blue, for Kandinsky represented the spiritual - as discussed in his book published in 1911, �On the Spiritual in Art�.

Every Artist, within the Blue Rider Group, had an individual approach and style associated with their Abstract Art. However, what each of them shared, was the desire to express and paint a �spiritual truth�. Therefore, promoting the concepts we recognize today, as Modern Abstract Art. The principles of Modern Art, essentially Abstract Art, began with Kandinsky, and the work carried out by the Blue Rider group. Even today, their philosophies remain quintessential to most, if not all forms of Modern Art. The underlying foundation to what has evolved to be one of the most important milestones in the History of Art. To enjoy Abstract Art, one must, essentially, understand it, aesthetically and spiritually.

Arts My Passion - Find modern canvas art

Article Source: Articles Engine

(Didn't want to violate terms of use and change any of the missing characters. But intersting article.)

How to Use the First Person Pronoun in Your Writing

How to Use the First Person Pronoun in Your Writing

By Jane Sumerset

We’ve always seen a lot of writings that are referred to first person pronoun writing. Most people do it for personal reason and others just want to share something for the public. but the hardest part of it is that a lot of us are not that knowledgeable on how to write the first person pronoun properly.

What’s the story behind it? Why do a lot of people like to write it that way? Why not the other way around like the opposite one? For some reason, writers have different purposes on how to make their contents look great and pleasing in the yes of their readers.

For beginners, it not that easy to write it that way. It requires a lot of learning and applications in order to master that kind of writing. However, if you seem like it is not enough to write your topic down effectively and efficiently. Then why not follow some techniques or tips on how to write well especially in writing first person pronoun.

You can see how some writers had managed to write better than the rest of them. It’s like writing in an easy and secure way than the time-consuming one and where your efforts are left undone. So, how are you going to write it? Let me discuss to you the things that a writer ought to know about first person pronoun writing.

Writing scenes in the first person can be tricky. In fact, I’ve seen seasoned writers run across problems when doing them. The challenge often has to do with the frequent self-reference – using “I” just seems so natural on a first-person piece that it can end up making the text sound awkward.

Reducing the amount of times you use the pronoun “I” is a primary concern when writing in the first person. The less you employ it, the less cumbersome your material usually reads. Here are a few tips to help you accomplish that:

1. Remember that it’s already assumed, from the onset, that the story is told from the writer’s point of view. As such, you no longer need to remind the reader that “I” am doing the thinking, speaking and narrating. Declaring “I saw,” “I imagined” or “I thought” is simply redundant.

2. Keep a keen eye for the excessive use of “I” during editing. When you’re drafting, it may break your flow to count how many times you reference yourself. If you find that to be an issue, then leave checking for your use of the word “I” during the editing process. Make sure to revise excessive use by rewriting the entire sentence. You can use an English checking software to help run these checks.

3. Read first person writing from accomplished authors. You can learn a lot about how to properly use self-references from studying the works of those before you. See how often they use the pronoun “I” in a page and in a string of paragraphs, getting a feel for what you find to be a balanced amount.

Article Source: Articles Engine

James Lee Burke does well when it comes to not tripping up readers with too many "I"s. I've not read all of his Dave Robicheaux novels, but those I have were great.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Are you wearing a towel today?

Towel Day 2010, originally uploaded by

Towel Day 2010 ~ May 25th

Towel Day 2010

"Towel Day is an annual celebration on the 25th of May, as a tribute to the late author Douglas Adams (1952-2001). On that day, fans around the universe proudly carry a towel in his honour." (

Celebrate via Flickr as well by tagging your images towelday...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Purple Parrot Postcard from

Lovely purple digital art creation featuring a vintage image of a parrot. The design is on my other products as well.

Purple Parrot Postcard from

Ladies Spaghetti Top (Fitted) ~ You’ll look and feel a bit sexy in our curve hugging spaghetti strap tank top. Made by Bella from 100% super-soft, ring spun cotton, it is side-seamed and has bound-on self-trim on the neckline and straps. NOTE: Sizes run extremely small. Order 1 to 2 sizes larger than normal.