Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our Wedding Postage by seashell2

A little while back I posted about a contest for Zazzlers over at the blog Thankful Planet. Here are the wedding submissions for the contest. Below I've posted just one of the wedding stamps. "Elegant in pink and chocolate... hearts and little scroll designs accent this wedding postage."

Our Wedding stamp
Our Wedding by seashell2
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Friday, April 09, 2010

I Love Ketchup Trucker Hat

I Love Ketchup as if it is written in ketchup. My nephews seem to love fries with their ketchup!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

SUBMISSION CALL: Changeling Press Wants YOU!

I saw a message roll across the YahooGroup ~ ChangelingPress · Changeling Bar and Grill. Changeling Press is holding a contest where the grand prize will be (in their own words): "A contract with Changeling Press, and a One Year Featured Author Membership at The Romance Studio."

Members of the YahooGroup can find the message here:

SUBMISSION CALL: Changeling Press Wants YOU!

Basics are that the contest starts April 15th, and that they're looking for novellas (10K-28K words) in one of the following areas "Sci-Fi, Futuristic, Cyber-Punk, Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Action/Adventure, Time Travel, BDSM, and Fetish Club Love Stories."

Changeling Press · Submissions Information

Funky Space Marble Keds Shoe

The "Cone Nebula (NGC 2264): Star-Forming Pillar of Gas and Dust" image from Hubble was used to created this colorful digital art.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Earth Day T-Shirts

Full Earth T-Shirt perfect for celebrating Earth Day! A full Earth image from NASA's Apollo Space Program set against a dark background. In this image Earth is isolated on a transparent image. The design is shown here on an Basic American Apparel T-Shirt, but can be printed on many different styles of dark shirts for the same effect that mimics space.

Old Spice | The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Why I Use Carbonite

When I was weighing the pros and cons of buying a backup drive or spending $55 a year and getting Carbonite, I went with the Carbonite. The backup happens automatically, and I don't have to worry about it. Every single day, changed files are backed up. I just didn't want the hassle of regular backups myself. If I lose a computer, using Carbonite will allow for the least amount of data lost. I use my computer each and every day, so this matters to me.

But, there is something else Carbonite helped me with. The initial backup can take a long, long time. That first few days when I was watching all the junk get backed up one file at a time reminded me ... why do I have all this junk on my harddrive anyway?

I'd guess about 20-25% of the files on my harddrive are duplicates or public domain images and books that are readily available online. I just saw Bram Stoker's Dracula being backed up. That is a public domain book and there is no reason to save the file on my computer.

Fruity Keds Shoe

Fantastically bright hitops in a pink and orange gradient based on some colors in my fractal art called "Fruity Marbles" on shoes.

Fruity Keds Shoe kedsshoe
Fruity Keds Shoe by annaleeblysse
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