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Showing posts from March 28, 2010

Biggest Little City in the World Sign

New Years Eve - Reno, Nevada Biggest Little City in the World Sign

Reno Sign by annaleeblysse
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USA Embroidered Hat from

USA in Red, White & Blue in embroidery.

USA Embroidered Hat by annaleeblysse
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USA Embroidered Hat from

iPhone Art on Mousepads

I was wandering around Zazzle today and found some iPhone art creted using the apps called SpiraSketch and Photoforge.  (creating fun images on iPhone and iPod touch screen)  ("PhotoForge is a highly optimized editing and painting application designed for the iPhone and iPod touch.")

Spiral legs mousemat by sand625
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Lime & Lemon Striped Keds Shoe from

PRO-Keds Royal HiBorn on basketball courts and city playgrounds, the classic PRO-Keds Royal Hi sneaker shows off your unique style. Customize the entire shoe or choose a design from thousands in our marketplace. Medium-width, men's sizes shown.

Lime & Lemon Striped Keds Shoe from

Lime & Lemon Striped Keds Shoe by designs4you
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Thankful Zazzle Awards

Here's a fun and helpful contest for Zazzlers where what you can submit your creations and the winning designs will get some free publicity. There will be multiple winners because the purpose is to help each other out. More info here about categories, how to leave submissions, and final date (April 2nd).

I Love ME Keychain

A pale pink heart design for 1) people that love themselves and 2) people that love the state of Maine.

I Love ME Keychain by annaleeblysse
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For awhile this morning on Twitter, "I ♥ Me" was trending. I took the opportunity to create a few new designs and tweet about them. The notion of heart designs for state abbreviations had been on the back burner for a long, long time. I didn't create this keychain only because I thought I'd get more traffic.


Social media gurus that have you looking for trending topics to tweet about are likely just looking for your Twitter traffic. The truth is, posting among a trending topic could very well get your tweet is buried 1,000 deep in a Twitter search within a few minutes. You may get some traffic, and you might even be lucky enough to have people retweet your information, but it is much more likely that your tweets will just add to the stats that have the keyword trending.

However, in a case…