Friday, March 26, 2010

Zazzle bumpersticker from Annalee: I Love My Planet

Zazzle bumpersticker from Annalee: I Love My Planet

Check out my cool Earth Day I ♥ My Planet Bumper Sticker that I designed myself at

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FarmVille 20x20 with Super Berries

Ideas to organize plots in FarmVille to plant different things.

Reasons You May Want To Submit an RSS Feed

Article Mega Site | Reasons You May Want To Submit an RSS Feed

By: Mark Cranfield

The web is such an enormous place that it's easy to get caught up in the shuffle. I cannot tell you how much good content I come across and forget to save. There are so many completely different blogs and so many different web sites that replace their content. How on the planet is anyone supposed to keep observe of all of these things? Well, that the place rss feeds come in. That is even more essential should you own your individual website or weblog, you'll positively wish to submit an rss feed. While you do this the content you create shall be delivered on to the people who have subscribed to it. They will not should go searching to your web site, or marvel when you are going to update again.

Folks can preserve up to date on the latest data you must offer and inform their friends about it. Of course this works both ways, when you subscribe to other peoples rss feeds you’ll be capable to monitor the newest happenings in your business as well.

I still do not understand why I might wish to submit an rss feed

Properly, consider it this manner, everytime you enter into a niche you are marketing to a specific group of people. These people have specific needs and needs, and they'll want to learn content material that is ready to assist them with that. When someone determined to join an rss feed it's often for specific information. This data can come from a web site that has all types of various information. You are able to use rss to narrow it down and get data sent to you on these topics. It’s like constructing an inventory but without having to have an auto responder to help you out.

Different benefits for you to submit your rss feed

When folks subscribe to your rss feed it is possible for you to to speak on to them. You've gotten in reality captured that visitors and you can always refer back to it. Your subscribers are in a position to filter out any undesirable information. You will not have to worry about span filters both in contrast to with regular checklist building. Constructing a list is still one of the simplest ways to go, however what number of of these e-mails get marked as span or unopened? With rss feeds your readers will all be alerted once you create new content and it will certainly get to them.

While you submit your rss feed you will be sure you're getting targeted traffic. You will gain repeat and regular guests to your website. Also upon getting built up sufficient of a following you'll be able to sell advertising area on your rss feed page. Of course you'll need to have a number of visitors to make this work out for you. However on the final notice, in case you are truly severe about internet marketing and getting your message out there, then submit your rss feed and depart nothing to chance.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Easter Mom and Dad Greeting Cards

A seriously cute Easter card at Zazzle by Cheries_Art. There are hundreds and thousands of Easter cards that are sure to be unique at

Make a personalized notecard on Zazzle

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Helix Nebula Business Card

A simple design on a ready-made business card. You can easily change the background color to your favorite color. There are over 100 options available. You can easily change the font colors or add information to the back of the card. This background photo is thanks to NASA/Hubble and is a detail from the Helix Nebula.