Thursday, March 18, 2010

croaks are out

croaks are out, originally uploaded by Diana Thorold.

A photo of some lovely, new purple crocus by one of the contacts Diana Thorold that I follow over at Flickr. She had some particularly amazing fractals that caught my eye this evening, but then it was further on down the page that I saw some evidence that spring time is coming.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Nevada State Capitol

Nevada State Capitol, originally uploaded by AnnaleeBlysse.

This public domain historical image of the capital building in Carson City, Nevada that I decided I liked and would uploaded in July 2009 has been viewed now over 43,000 times! I didn't put it there because I thought it would attract traffic, and it is my most popular image. What is fascinating to think about, is that even with that kind of traffic I'm a two-bit player at Flickr compared to the real traffic draws.

Disco Dancin' Skateboard from

And (last post in this series) lastly ... here is the old skateboard in my ny Zazzle that match the shoes I entered in the pattern contest.

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Disco Dancing Kaleidoscope Pattern Keds Shoe

This new version of a shoe I first designed a month ago is my own entry in the PRO-Ked Pattern Contest at Zazzle. I just redesigned the shoe last night to combine the two versions of this shoe I created last month. I know they're bright, but I really like the colors and pattern fits the hi top. I decided if I was going to enter any design into the contest ... might as well be my own favorite.
Description: A bright, funky kaleidoscopic pattern reminiscent of streaming disco lights. A symmetrical pattern of neon bright colors reflecting off the mirrors of a disco ball kaleidoscope. These shoes are designed to coordinate with a skateboard also available here in the store.

"Llemon-Llime Llama" Keds Shoes from

I was just wandering around looking at the contest entries at Zazzle for PRO-Keds contest that ends today. I love the colors and the llamas in these shoes.