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terremoto , originally uploaded by todosnuestrosmuertos. Here is another photo from the massive earthquake in Chile taken by a photographer that shares images at flickr. It's a joyous image with children playing next to damaged buildings.

terremoto 27 febrero

terremoto 27 febrero, originally uploaded by todosnuestrosmuertos. Over at flickr, you can find images that people have taken in Chile. This black and white image is from Santiago, Chile after the major earthquake. "terremoto 27 febrero"

Fleur de Lis Dog T-shirt

Black and white Fleur de Lis Dog T-shirt The boxer that Zazzle uses to model the Doggie Ribbed Tank Top & Doggie Ringer T-Shirt is so cute! What a photogenic pup.   See and download the full gallery on posterous Posted via email from Annalee Blysse @ posterous

Lake Erie Sunset Postcard

Lake Erie Sunset Post CardThe silhouettes of a flock of birds flying across the sun on the shores of Lake Erie. A funky picture courtesy of National Scenic Byways Online. Posted via email from Annalee Blysse @ posterous

Dude Ranch Business Cards

Dude Ranch Profile Card Business Card TemplateWhen it comes to creating business cards, I've seen warnings about using real names and info. They say that that Lorem Ipsom (I might have spelled that non-word name wrong, because it isn't meant to mean anything so it is tough to memorize). They say that using the non-words for text is the best route. "They" being ... people who know more than I. But, I tend to sell this lovely cowboy business card often despite the fictional character on the face of it. The name and address information on this business card template for a dude ranch or boarding stables is based on a fictional character I created for a romance novel, and there is no similiarty to any actual living cowboy intended. The image is a silhouette of cowboy on horse with a horse-drawn wagon at dusk in Kansas, and the photo is courtesy of National Scenic Byways Online and Jon Hardesty at Kansas Travel and Tourism. It is a public domain image and very lovely.

Hot Pink Alien on Black Hooded Sweatshirt

Hot Pink Alien on Black Hooded Sweatshirt This little hot pink alien chick comes in peace. Posted via email from Annalee Blysse @ posterous


Snowing, originally uploaded by AnnaleeBlysse. A foot of snow keeping people inside here in Reno. I live close to I-80 and can normally hear traffic. The Web saying chain requirements over Donner. Of course, the live-cam of I-80 in Truckee at the scales still showing a clip from 2/15 around midnight. Is that the fault of a employee or California's government being bankrupt? It boggles the mind that Pelosi thinks the Fed can handle health care when her state can't even keep a live webcam up and running.