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iPhone Survival Skills

Ever notice that people with iPhones like to keep them out in the open so everyone can see them? I think they look stupid, but apparently owning iPhones actually does make some people stupid.

(NOTE: If you're a smart iPhone users ... please ignore this post.)

A couple days ago I was at a gas station in Salina, Utah well after dark. This young couple with a little girl wanders in told me how they hadn't run into a gas station for 200 miles and thought they'd get stuck out in the middle of nowhere.

I'm wondering what the heck direction they'd come from ... so I asked.

They said Colorado Springs, which means then I got to wonder how they'd missed all the gas stations ... but I didn't ask.

They told me anyway.

They hadn't been able to find gas stations because their iPhones didn't get service out in the boondocks.

iPhone Owner Survival Tips

1) When you're driving Interstates through the West after dark, every time you run across a large grouping …

Who Dat Tee


Who Dat Chick T Shirts from

A really cute Who Dat? themed tee I found wandering around Zazzle featuring a cute little chick in beads. Happy Superbowl Sunday!

Who Dat Chick by kbilltv
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