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Plant Poinsettias at FarmVille

Here is my next top secret hint so that you too can excel at FarmVille. ;)

For two more weeks FarmVille has a special seed offer to plant poinsettia crops for Christmas. These lovely flowers take only twenty-four hours to grow, and you can double your Farm Coin investment. And if you're hoping to fly through the experience levels, planting this flower will gain you 3 XPs!

got truffles? by designs4you
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Exposing Lies!

I've found one of the hateful posts where the blogger's goal is to expose the lies surrounding Sarah Palin. You'd think the political landscape had something more important to talk about than Sarah Palin's vacation, and her paste-white legs. Suppose the lie exposed on that blog today was that Sarah Palin has the legs of a mid-40's woman? Imagine that. I never knew that a woman in her mid-40's that has had lotsa babies might have cellulite!

Sarah Tweets her frustration at Paprazzi and flees for home to spend Christmas with children she tried to leave behind.

If that guy is married, you kinda gotta feel sorry for his wife.

Kinda funny to remember back about when Obama bared his legs and people drooled...

Obama Dares to Bare

At least that post isn't about politics though.

In conclusion...

As I type my leg-related injury is acting up and I'm in pain. What I'd do for healthy, nice looking legs like Sarah Palin or Obama!

World Peace Stickers

Blue-green peace symbol over the Blue Marble. The image of Earth was taken by NASA's Apollo program.

Earth Peace by annaleeblysse
sticker printing by

Got Milktonium? Tee

I saw a group of referrals yesterday of them being a Got Milktonium? T-Shirt. I have a neighbor at FarmVille with green alien cows ... but they aren't in the dairy farm so I've never seen them have green alien calves yet. Haven't been around long enough to know if there were green alien bulls.

Got Milktonium? by Twice_as_Nice_in_Fl
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Fleur de Lis Stickers

Simple black and white fleur de lis on stickers ... labels.

Fleur de Lis by silhouette_emporium
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Psychedelic Peace Sign Mouse Pads

Wow! A bright, colorful mousepad I found wandering around Zazzle. It is described by the seller as: Even WILDER swirls of bright colors with intricate detail in a fun, groovy peace sign design! This was made by a buddy of mine who won't let me use his name, but some of you out there might recognize his style.

Psychedelic Peace Sign by makelovenotwar
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King of Compost Ribbons

The other day at Facebook I saw someone selling a how-to become a FarmVille guru ebook for something like $27. Perhaps I should stop posting tips for free and create an ebook. Hmm? Should I? Shouldn't I? I think I'll just stick to the free tips.

Tip # 234 (I'm not really keeping track)

Farmers get ribbons for reaching different achievements (such as harvesting a certain number of trees). Be kind to your friends and accept FarmVille's offers to post about your ribbons. And, of course, pick up the offered bonus from your friends when they return the favor. The bonus for blue ribbons is 500 Farm Coins.

Flag of Canada Design

Flag of Canada Design, originally uploaded by Annalee's Pics. 480x320 sized wallpaper design based on Canada's flag for your Blackberry (or other device). Enjoy!

I Love Farming Refrigerator Magnets from

"I Love Farming" with a bold, red heart design. A cute stocking stuffer for fans of FarmVille, Farm Town, Barn Buddy, Country Life or other virtual farming games. Today is the final day of Zazzle's 12 Deals of Christmas specials. 30% off Stocking Stuffers @zazzle today use code: 12DEALZAZZLE

I Love Farming by annaleeblysse
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The Social Gaming Industry Explained In 13 Words

The Social Gaming Industry Explained In 13 Words by Nicholas Carlson.

I don't agree with the notion in the above article FarmVille is like PacMan in that it creates "friction". That article described people would become addicted to games like PacMan because the game got progressively harder. Players kept feeding quarters into a machine in an often-failed attempt to beat the game.

There is no friction in FarmVille. Quite the opposite. FarmVille is easier to play the longer you play it.

First of all, there are two denominations of currency in FarmVille. Coins and cash.

It is really easy to accumulate coins with regular play, and the more often you play it the fast you earn coins. The main way to earn coins is to plant crops and harvest them later for a varying percentage increases over the initial virtual investment. As you gain experience points the game allows you crops with a higher yield ... thus easier to play. Coins are easy to earn, so any player that bought coins…