Friday, December 04, 2009

Mugs On Sale at Zazzle

Zazzle's on deal two of a Twelve Deals of Christmas extravaganza. For the next few days it is mugs (2 for the price of 1) and greeting and photo cards (in quantaties larger than 10) that are 50% off. The coupon code EMAIL12MUGS9 ends December 7th, 2009 for the half-off coffee cups.

I got all kinds of mugs in my stores at Zazzle:

Here are two I Love My Sweetie Mugs with easy-to-use templates that make it simple to create your own personalized coffee cup with a heart design. They're great gifts for a bride and groom for Christmas or thinking ahead for Valentine's Day. Right now, the mugs are buy one mug, get one free.

In the examples below, the different name lengths below make it easy to personalize for longer and shorter length given names.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Cool Photo by My Nephew

095, originally uploaded by Annalee's Pics.

An image from a June 2007 trip to the Sacramento Zoo. This image was on my nephew's camera. Cool photo taken by my nephew Griffin!

Bubble Triangle

Bubble Triangle, originally uploaded by purplenoel.

Created in Apophysis 2.08beta, edited in Photoshop with Mehdi Kaleidoscope and Fractalius Filters.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I Love Gypsies Pins

"I Love Gypsies" heart design with a bright, light pink heart design against a purple background. Create your own unique stocking stuffer for Christmas by customzing this design when you get to Zazzle.

I Love Honey Bees Buttons

I Love Honey Bees Buttons

Create your own "I Love" design with a lovely, bright heart. Cute design to customize or personalize to match your needs. You can use this easy-to-use template to add a combination of two (or more) words and create your own "I Heart" designs. For instance: I Love North Dakota, I Love South Dakota, I Love Jack & Jill, I Love Mobile Alabama.

Funky Free Patterns

patterrific_11, originally uploaded by Patterrific.

Patterrific provides free seamless repeat patterns in both vector and pixel format to designers around the world. Please visit to see more.

Reindeer Silhouette Tee Shirts

Reindeer Silhouette ~ A standard black reindeer silhouette for the holidays.

I Love My Boyfriend Mug

Create your own "I Heart" customized coffee cup with this easy to use template. Besides changing the word to define what you love, you can also change the text's color. You can add types pets like breeds of dogs and cats, horses, birds, fish. For instance, I ♥ My Border Collie or I ♥ My Quarter Horse.

VEGAS Keychain

A rainbow neon sign name design for Vegas.

I Heart Noodles T-shirt

I Love Noodles ~ I Heart Noodles. ~ "I Love Noodles" using a lovely pink and red heart design. Besides changing the word defining what you love, on many of the products you can change text and background color as well.

EDUN LIVE Lamb Toddler Essential Crew ~ The ultra soft, super comfy EDUN LIVE Lamb toddler t-shirt is made from 100% combed 5.1 oz. (145 gram) ring-spun African cotton. Washes like a dream. Tumble dry low. (Not pre-washed). Knitted in Mauritius and manufactured in Lesotho using sustainable manufacturing methods. See this on sweatshirts, sustainable shirts, and more!

Merry Christmas Pinback Buttons

Merry Christmas Pinback Buttons

A bold red and green Merry Christmas design with the focus on Christ. Let everyone know you aren't worrying about being PC. Keeping Christ in Christmas design makes for a great stocking stuffer.

I Love Life T-shirt

I Love Life ~ I Heart Life ~ I Love Life with a heart design. Shown here with several different color heart designs.

Ladies Petite T-Shirt ~ The classic t-shirt, made specifically for women. Pre-shrunk, 5.0 ounce 100% super-soft cotton, baby jersey knit. Coverstitched 3/4" bottom hem and sleeve opening. Custom contoured fit. Made by Bella. Sizes run extremely small. Order 1 to 2 sizes larger than normal. Imported. See this on sweatshirts, sustainable shirts, and more!

Ladies Casual Scoop ~ The classic scoop t-shirt. 5.6 ounce 100% cotton jersey knit, scoop neck with bound-on self trim, double-needle stitched sleeve and bottom hem. Imported. See this on sweatshirts, sustainable shirts, and more!

I Love Life shirt
I Love Life by definingyou
Many more t-shirts online at zazzle
Ladies Organic T-Shirt (Fitted) The all-organic cotton ladies t-shirt. 100% organic fine jersey cotton, combed for comfort. Custom contour fit. NOTE: Sizes run small. Order 1 size larger for looser fit. Made in the USA by American Apparel.

Monday, November 30, 2009

I Love Michael Sticker

I Love Michael Sticker ~ I Heart design in pink.

I Love Valentina Coffee Mug

I Love Valentina Coffee Mug

You can customize the text to create your own Christmas gift.

Protesting Sarah Palin Book Signings

Regret (x5), originally uploaded by antonkawasaki.

I saw a blog post where someone was proudly discussing another's planned protest at a Sarah Palin book signing. They were wanting some help with signage. They don't know what to say? Hmm. Personally, I wouldn't bother protesting a private citizen's book signing. And I certainly wouldn't bother protesting a private citizen's book signing if I had no idea what to protest about. But, well, I wouldn't accuse anyone protesting Sarah Palin book signings as being the crunchiest pickles in the barrel. So, in an effort to help them form some thoughts about their subject of disdain, I picked out a picture from Flickr.

Personalized Captain's Embroidered Hat

There was a ribbon the other day for this embroidered hat at my Zazzle store: Top 10 Embroidered Hats Views November 27, 2009.

Personalize this lucky fishing cap for your favorite "El Capitan". You can also change the word "Captain" to another nickname for the captain like my great-grandfather's name of Cap'n Ivan. You can easily change the color of the embroidery and hat to any of over a hundred combinations.

Matching sweatshirt...

Embroidered Hats: boating, nautical, boat, captain, el capitan, captain's, good, luck, lucky, fishing, hat, cap, fisherman, skipper, charter, boat, sailing, ship, mv, boss, head, honcho, dude, cool, nickname, boat, racing, deep, sea, ocean, cap'n, pirate, pirates, outdoorsman, mens, dad, grandpa, teen, kids, holiday, embroidered hats