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Santa Claus Photo Card

Herzliche Weihnachtsgrüße! Add your own Christmas greeting to personalize this photo card ... as well as replace the image with your own family photo to customize this cute Santa Claus photo greeting card.

Santa Claus Photo Card by designs4you
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Eating Up the Oceans

Jellyfish swarm northward in warming world
By MICHAEL CASEY, AP Environmental Writer Michael Casey, Ap Environmental Writer – Mon Nov 16, 8:37 am ET

Environmental writers...

Scientists know the jellyfish in question in this article is from the Yellow Sea and rode over to Japan on currents. (It's always been my understanding of jellyfish that they have little choice but to follow currents. Their lot in life is to follow the Ocean winds.) The scientists point to several factors that have changed in the Yellow Sea that increased the population of these jellyfish. Another scientists Lorenzo Ciannelli of Oregon State University says: "... clearly jellyfish populations are not merely a function of water temperature." Yet still the writer brings up conclusions that global warming needs to be addressed.

Interestingly... the last paragraph of the article is: Some entrepreneurs, meanwhile, are trying to cash in. One Japanese co…