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Golden Sunrise Business Cards

Add any of your personal contract information to create your own business cards. Anyone can easily replace this image of bright clouds at dawn with your own digital image, and change the font color to coordinate with your photograph. These particular clouds were found one morning not all that far from Bellingham, Washington while at sea.

Golden Clouds Profile Card by annaleeblysse
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Market Math ~ Planning Your Planting

I've already had people stop by my blog looking for FarmVille Tips, and I didn't have any. After I saw that other people will be more than happy to sell you a book filled with FarmVille tips, I decided to offer up some free tips here on my blog. The images are linked to my Flickr account (which was a question on a game show recently and the person didn't know Flick was all about photos).

Market Math ~ Planning Your Planting

You will save yourself a lot of time if you plan your planting on FarmVille. The first step is to figure out how many plots that you have on your farm. This is a new farm below with the capabilities of 12x12 or 144 plots. In this case, four of the plots are taken up by cute gifts and stuff already, so this farmer can plant only 140 plots.

AND... being a dirt farmer, this Farmer Girl only has 3,835 coins to do the planting with. There are crops that would work, but having a life outside FarmVille this farmer realized they needed at least 8 hours before th…

Reflection in Sturgeon Pond

Reflection in Sturgeon Pond, originally uploaded by Annalee's Pics. Reflection in Sturgeon Pond ~ A photo that I took of trees and clouds reflecting in the Sturgeon Pond at the Fish Hatchery near the Bonneville Dam in Cacade Locks, Oregon. This version is 480x320 in size to use as a tiny wallpaper on your handheld device like a Blackberry.

I Love Ashley T-Shirt

I Love Ashley T-Shirt ~ Black Tee with a bright red heart design, and a bold, funky white font. Hey guys! Let the world know just how much that you love your sweetheart whether she is your wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, or ... even your favorite celebrity.

I Love Ashley T-Shirt by annaleeblysse
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This tee is an: EDUN LIVE Genesis Unisex Standard Crew ~ The ultra-soft EDUN LIVE Genesis, unisex t-shirt has a long, straight cut - perfect for men or women. 100% combed 5.1 oz. (145 gram) ring-spun African cotton. Tumble dry low. (Not pre-washed). Manufactured in South Africa or Tanzania. Imported. *Unisex style - women may wish to order one size smaller. But, you can order the design on other black shirts, as well as a few other colors if desired.