Saturday, October 03, 2009

Those Winter Winds Card

Lovely wintery blue fractal art for a Christmas or Holiday Greeting card!

Calico Jack Pirate Flag Poster

Calico Jack Pirate Flag Print

This image has been saved in PNG format with dimensions capable of printing large posters. Info from Wikipedia: John Rackham (December 21, 1682 – November 18, 1720] in Jamaica) (often spelled Rackam or Rackum in contemporary documentation), known also as Calico Jack, was an English pirate captain during the early 18th century. His nickname was derived from the calico clothing he wore. John "Calico Jack" Rackham is most remembered for two things: (1) the design of his Jolly Roger flag, which contributed to the popularization of the design and its association with piracy in popular culture; and (2) employing two of the most notorious female pirates of the age as part of his crew – Mary Read and Anne Bonny (the latter of whom he had whisked away from her husband).

New Binders at Zazzle!

Zazzle brought out a new product the other day. Customized binders. Here is an example of a notebook fashioned after the Flag of Ireland.

I Love Bucko Stickers

"I Love Bucko" design with a bright red heart and big, bold font.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Christmas Storm Wreath - Edge Core Star Burst Print

Information from the artist: The rich Christmas Colors Of Emerald Green, Fiery Red and Golden Hues Of This Wonderful image create a Christmas Wreath effect and is topped off with a center piece of Rose, Gold and Blue Surrounded by a rich swirl of green - Poster & Print

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Tropicana Mug

The artist says: Citrus feel fractal mug. But, when I saw the fractal art, it reminded me of all the swirling colorful costumes in Vegas though.

More Health Care Idiocy

I passed through the TV room and heard that if one of the current ideas being tossed around with regards to healthcare reform is that if you're fat, you'd end up paying more (or at least skinny people get a discount. I found this blog post: Fat, smoker? Pay more for Health Care Plan that had the same concerns. To me this is more proof that we can't rely on goverenment because they're inept.

Here is why I think blaming fat people...

Throughout my twenties I wasn't just active, but I specifically exercised hard each day. I spent ten hours a week cross-country skiing, which is one of the most active things a person can do. I worked hard at staying as thin as I could day in and day out for a decade, yet I was always fat. I was far more fit than my skinny friends when it came to endurance, respiration while active, blood pressure, and those kind of factors. I'd bring my skinny friends to the ski track and wouldn't even break a sweat and they'd be huffing and puffing to keep up. One of them realized how fit I was by comparison and was amazed because she'd always viewed herself as healthier because, well, that is what doctors always said. She noticed then that I ate less than her and worked harder, yet I wasn't skinny. She hadn't realized before that it truly works out that some of us are fighting genetics as well as personal choice.

I can tell you right now that medical doctors and nurses won't be relied upon to make sane decisions about weight either...

I've walked into a doctor's office with a cold and been told... "Well, you should lose weight."

Once I got a planter's wart, and sure enough ... lose some weight.

Once I went to the emergency room with an allergic reaction (that shut town my breathing) to an antibiotic and sure enough ... lose weight and maybe I'd have less breathing troubles. Same hospital within six months prescribed me the same antibiotic and when I tried to explain to the doctor I needed something else, he argued with me. I said: "Check my chart."


This is all during that time frame in my 20's when I was ultra-healthy ... but fat to boot. Once I went to the clinic and there was a new nurse in town that didn't know my blood pressure was that of a healthy person. She that took my blood pressure, and then took it again, and then started a freaking third time!

At which point I asked: "What are you doing?" She told me my blood pressure was too low. I told her: "Look at my chart, it is the same as it always is."

Admittedly, I'm not longer a healthy chubby woman.

I had a mountain climbing injury in my late 20's where I managed to tear out my knee. The troubles I'm having right now ... same knee. My body was used a lot of exercise, and after I was injured I became inactive. I went from needing the high octane fuel to keep me racing to suddenly needing enough energy to put-put around. Admittedly, that was dumb not to cut my food by half. But I had no idea it could happen so fast. That time weight gain really blindside me.

Since that time if I gain weight, it is almost always because I'm injured. Normally I eat okay and am somewhat active. Then, a month will come along where I gain weight because I'm hobbling around in pain.

Even so, my life involves being told by people with a Ph.D. after their name that I could change it all if only I'd change my behaviors. They'd tell me all would be solved if only I didn't eat too much. I've been told by doctors, well-meaning that they are, that maybe I should cut back on fast food. Never mind that I've been known to go six years running without a single Big Mac, and tend to eat fruit and veggies by the case lot. I've lived in Nevada for six years now and I now eat about six fast food grease burgers a year. That is probably too many! But, it isn't why I'm fat.

And the really, really dumb thing is that the doctors that I saw when I tore out my knee ... they all told me: No more mountains. Not a single one of them thought to remind me that when your metabolism is used to mountain climbing, but you really, really need to diet right now or you'll gain weight. The one time in my life that medical personnel really could have made a difference when it came to weight and ... nothing.

The podiatrist five years earlier figured I should know I'd have less problems with warts if I was thinner walking around on them. How much sense does that one make?

I can't have had so much bad luck! I think this blaming weight is the norm in the medical field too, so when you've got an injury they can pinpoint is the only time they won't blame weight.

Well, if Obama and Congress gets their way and I end up paying more for Goverenment run healthcare then skinny folks, I'd at least like to know that the people who are stupid enough to have unprotected sex and/or share a needle with an intravaneous drug users pay even more than me.

How to Add Images to Zazzle Products

I was wandering around Zazzle today and found some lovely keychains that will never sell. The artwork was lovely. In fact, the artwork better than average and should sell! But, the design was so incredibly awful that instead of pointing it out, I'll recreate the problem with some of my own digital artwork...

Yep, the designer left icky white borders around their image. Hmm... did they really think someone that would spend $24K on a car would spend $5 on a keychain that isn't aesthetically pleasing?

If you've wandered around Zazzle at all, you'll find plenty of products where designers didn't take the time to properly fit images to the design area. This often happens when inexperienced designers (or spazzlers that just don't care) are using the Quick Create tool. If you are a new Zazzler looking for a few tips so you can start making extra cash by selling your photos or artwork, then fitting images properly on your Zazzle products is one of the best things you can do for your store!

For example, when I used Quick Create with my alien frog on his alien world digital art, these are the two options Zazzle's templates created for me...

The easiest option to make sure you don't have icky, ugly keychains in your Zazzle store is to hit that delete link and get rid of it.

The more time-consuming option is to chose the "customize" option and fill, fit, resize that image until all the white borders are gone and you're left with a circular design.

Do not (whatever you do) use your graphics program to push, prod and poke at the aspect ratio of a rectangular image until it fits! 

Though this error in thinking is a problem that is less prevalent on Zazzle, over the years I've seen thousands of products where the designer resized the image and changed the dimensions. There are some people that wouldn't like this alien frog digital art while other people are drawn to funky colors and this image is cool. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, when you mess up the dimensions that nature gave a frog to fit it to a round keychain ... you've taken away the beauty.

Let's go back to the issue of leaving the white border. Since that designer I saw earlier today was probably using Quick Create, I have to wonder why they chose to delete the keychain that was perfectly filled by an image and left the product with all the white space and ugly borders?

I'd have to guess their answer would be: Because I am a really great artist! I wanted people to see my entire image! 

It doesn't matter! Even the Mona Lisa won't sell if you leave it a rectangular image on a round keychain with ugly white borders.

What if I color coordinate the background to match the image?

That probably won't sell either. I know from experience. One of my older keychains that has never sold was an image that didn't fit the keychain...

Even though the rose-rilled heart was a cute idea, I now realize that even colorful borders won't fix that this would only work as a heart-shaped keychain. Finding it again today, I'd probably erase it if I weren't using it for an example. (That is a freebie tip for making it this far down the post. Zazzle doesn't mind if we delete the products we screwed up on.)

I didn't bother deleting my mistake because the Zazzle design program allows customers to customize and resize the image how they'd like it ... I'll just let the customer figure it out.

There is a reason that my local Wal-Mart has a display with milk and bread close to the checkstands. Though you may find a shopper that doesn't mind working a little harder to get what they want, you are much more likely to lose sales to one of the other 829,715 keychains that are available on Zazzle that fit the image to the product like this...

Create your own keychain by adding any image you have taken with your digital camera. You don't need any fancy software to design your own keychain. Just upload one of your favorite images and use this Web site's tools to reposition your image, or focus in on one area. You can even add a title.

The Olympics Bid

On Shepard Smith I just saw some Fox News reporter on a ridge over the beaches of Rio talking about how Brazil has to convince the Olympic committee that athletes and spectators won't get shot.

You think that maybe when the OIC asks Michelle Obama if athletes or spectators will get beaten to death with railroad ties, that Michelle Obama won't bother explaining that "as a black man . . . Barack can get shot going to the gas station" in Chicago.

Here is a blog post with the video of Mrs. Obama saying that back in Feb 2007: Video: Obama’s wife plays race card on ‘60 Minutes’.

I remember that interview, and back in Feb 2007 I worked with this one black guy with some serious criminal issues. Since I met him, he has been in and out of jail. He and I are friendly, but not friends so he has never told me he why he went to jail. But, he still talked enough to me that I told him that I'd been watching this presidental hopeful's wife on 60 Minutes say that she worried that her husband can get shot at the gas station. I then asked, "Have you ever worried someone would shoot you at the gas station?"

His response was, "WTF! No!"

My black coworkers response was pretty much by end-all in the voting both when it came to Obama. I knew back the that he and his wife were out of touch with life down here in the trenches.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Zazzler Blogs

Below you'll find a list of bloggers with Zazzle shops that promote their own and other products.
If you are a Zazzler and would like to be added (or for that matter removed) from this list leave me a comment and I'll update the list...

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I Love My Man T-Shirt

Ladies, stake your claim with this I HEART MY MAN design with a chunky, funky font. This tee makes a bridal shower gift, brides, women in love, and woman that like singing and listening to the Blues.

The design is shown on: Ladies Tank Top (Fitted) A classic fitted ladies tank top. 100% super soft ring-spun cotton, bound-on self-trim neckline and armholes. Double-needle stitched bottom hem, side-seamed with custom contoured fit. Made by Bella. NOTE: Sizes run extremely small. Order 1 to 2 sizes larger than normal. Imported.

Halloween Postage Stamps ~ Flying Bats

One of Today's Best over at Zazzle. The black and white design features two flying bat silhouettes for halloween. The vintage image comes from an 1800's Trousset encyclopedia, Paris 1886 - 1891. In this store you can find the design on Halloween T-shirts, trick or treat bags, and more.

Canadians Talking Health Care

I didn't watch the whole nine minutes. Just enough to recognize that these people don't share the views of all Canadians I've ever met.

Here are just a few stories I know...

My one cousin and uncle had to give up on Canada. It didn't matter that thed had free health care if there wasn't enough work. There were welfare programs, but, that wasn't the life they wanted ... so it was back to the US. (It should be noted they lived in tiny towns, and not urban areas. I know tiny US towns that have horrible unemployment too.)

About six years ago I met a Canadian that was traveling to his doctor in the Seattle area. He'd had a major heart attack and needed bypass surgery to survive. The wait list had been so long that chosing life meant crossing the border. It isn't a myth that there are Canadians that prefer health care in the US exist and abhor their own system. That man I met kept his doctor in Seattle and travelled every few months for his appointments.

I have another Canadian cousin that won't ever leave Canada. She's not quite normal for a Canadian or a US American. She walks the liberal talk in a way that most liberals just pretend they would but never do. When my cousin says everyone deserves health care she moves to a third world country and helps build a clinic. She has spent more time than I can keep track of involved in humanitarian work abroad. She has lived in Africa, South America, Eastern Europe, etc... I don't agree with all her politics, but will always admire that she doesn't just talk about her politics.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Baby Dances To Beyonce

Cute video where a baby is dancing along with Beyonce that I saw this morning on Yahoo.

Fire Flower Mousepad

Information from the artist: The Flowing Tentacles Of Fire Flower Reach Out Into The Whisper Of Infinity - Mousepad

Fire Flower Mousepad mousepad
Fire Flower Mousepad by Xzendor7
View more mousepads at

Summer Weather Wonders, Idaho's Big Sky

Set this one to my desktop wallpaper today! What an amazing thunderhead cloud.

I Love Fred Button from

"I Love Fred" with a cute pink heart design on a button. The button can be printed in several different sizes and shapes. You can change the font and background colors.

I Love Fred button
I Love Fred by definingyou
Get t-shirts from zazzle

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