Saturday, September 26, 2009

Golden Clouds Business Cards

Add any of your personal contract information to create your own business cards. Anyone can easily replace this image of bright clouds at dawn with your own digital image, and change the font color to coordinate with your photograph. These particular clouds were found one morning not all that far from Bellingham, Washington while at sea.

Friday, September 25, 2009

I Love Toronto Bumper Stickers

An "I Love" Toronto design with a bright red maple leaf flag design replacing the heart symbol. You can change the city name to another in Canada that you love.

I Love Toronto bumpersticker
I Love Toronto by definingyou
t-shirts made by

To Fax or Not to Fax

The question before us today: How long does it take a goverenment-run job center to fax paperwork to an employer? This is a true story from a lady I know, though I haven't identified the state she lives in because Helen will need to return for services and it isn't my job to complain to them for her. I just got a kick out of how inept the employees were.

First, Helen printed up cover sheet and gave it to them -- highlighting, bolding and italicizing human resources department information.

But, the job center kept trying to send the fax to Helen's cell phone -- her phone rang in the job center for 45 minutes until she convinced them to stop.

Then, the fax wouldn't go through because the number was busy. Helen called the prospective employer and got a second fax number and gave it to job center employee.

15 minutes later Helen checked back, but was told at this time that needed to fill out a new cover sheet with the number. She did.

15 minutes later staff tells her: "It keeps coming back busy."

Turned out, they were faxing the busy number on the first coversheet request and hadn't tried the new coversheet.

Added to which, the front desk clerk kept herself busy petting a lap dog.

Blue Pearl Leaf Christmas Star Blossom Keychain

Blue Pearl Leaf Christmas Star Blossom follows from the Satin Blue White Pearl Series and is a wonderful artwork for the Christmas Holiday Season - Keychain

Sombrero Galaxy Business Cards

Create Your Own Business Card ~ On the back, you can change the information in the template to create your own attractive business card. On the front you'll find an attractive image of the Sombrero Galaxy courtesy of NASA's Spitzer and Hubble Space Telescopes.

In the Garden Fractal Art Print

Information from the artist: This fractal desgn poster, can be framed and matted to your personal choice, or bought as a poster.

In the garden print
In the garden by Stotty
Browse other art at Zazzle

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Love Reading Pinback Button

I Love Reading Pinback Button by annaleeblysse
I Heart Reading

"I Love Reading" heart design for writers, readers, teachers, and anyone that loves a good book. This button is set as a template and the word "reading" can be changed to anything you love. Create your own button!

Emerald Skylight

Emerald Skylight, originally uploaded by David Cartier.

Lovely night photography featuring the Aurora Borealis over Canadian skies. Described by the photog: Rippling curtains of Auroral light fill the sky above Inuvik, Northwest Territories, early on the morn of September 15.

Bright Green Cricket Pins

Bright Green Cricket Pins ~ The text says "Don't Bug Me" but can be customized to create your own cute buttons.

The Running Horse Poster

The artist describes their lovely digital art: My another dedication to a horse! As always, Adobe Photoshop only (with the help of Wacom tablet).

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ann Coulter Right Today

Today I was wandering through the living room when Hannity had Ann Coulter on, and right at the very end of the segment I heard her say:
"Democrats ... liberals are not used to ever having to hear an alternative point of view."
Later this evening I found a blog where a self-admitted ultra-liberal blogger was so upset by conservative passerbys that the blogger had dedicated a whole post to saying she didn't need or want anyone nuts leaving comments. And, it wouldn't really matter if people did try to argue with her because conservatives and religious people are nuts and she's known that a long time.

I'm not pointing the poor lady out because, well, obviously the comments had mattered enough to require her to vent. I feel no overwhelming need to make her day worse. Besides, her post really isn't necessary to make this generalization...

Some liberals do a better job of proving Ann Coulter right than proving her wrong.

I Love Orlando Magnets

"I Love Orlando" heart design on great gift ideas. Cute present for your sweetie.

I Love Alberta Bumper Stickers

"I Love Alberta" with maple leaf rather than heart design on great gift ideas. Canadian souvenirs, and also a woman's name. Given name.

This picture and links are to the US Zazzle Site:

Here is the link to the same item on the Canadian Zazzle site for shoppers in Canada.

Alice in Wonderland Mugs

Mad Hatters Tea Party Mugs by AnitaInverarity
Coffee Mug

A fantastic pen and ink drawing by Anita Inverarity features her interpretation of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland. The drawing wraps around the coffe cup.

There is also a matching black and white pen and ink drawing of the Queen of Hearts to create a set.

I Love Fly Fishing

I Love Fly Fishing Button by definingyou
I Heart Fly Fishing

Spread the love of stuff with these cute "I Love" heart buttons. This particular button is set as a template and you can add any two words you'd like to create your own I Love STUFF button.

I Heart Vancouver

Cool (and I do mean cool) heart design...

I Heart Vancouver ~ I Love Vancouver T-shirt described by designer: Vancouver! Everyone's Favorite Canadian City! It's the greatest city in Canada. Whistler is right nearby. Vancouver has the best weather in all of Canada. We put snow on the letters because there's great skiing just outside the city and there are going to be winter games there in 2010. Skiing, ice skating, all that good stuff!

Link for Canadian Shoppers!

I Love Whistler Post Card

I Love Whistler Post Card

Link to the Canadian Zazzle store.

I Love Roller Coasters

People must be missing summer already. I've sold several of these "I Love Roller Coaster" postcards in the last 24 hours

I Love Miami Round Stickers

"I love my town" round stickers created with a red heart design. You can customize the place name, and on many of the gift items you can also change the background color to your favorite.

Surrey Maple Leag Magnet

Maple leaf design for Canadians and people who love Canada.

This image link is for US Shoppers...

SURREY magnet
SURREY by designs4you
Design magnets at

Here is the same magnet on the Zazzle Canada site for Canadian Shoppers.

I Shamrock Séamus Green T-Shirt

I Love Seamus ~ I Shamrock Séamus

"I Love" T-shirts and gifts with a lovely green shamrock design.

Basic T-Shirt ~ The classic heavyweight t-shirt. Tagless design for ultimate comfort. Pre-shrunk, 6.1 ounce 100% cotton. Double-needle stitched bottom and sleeve hems. Loose, classic fit, wears well on anyone. Imported. See this on sweatshirts, sustainable shirts, and more!

Lenticulars Over Tufa Tower

Lenticulars Over Tufa Tower, originally uploaded by Buck Forester.

Some fascinating lenticular clouds near Lee Vining, California.

Big Dipper T-Shirt

Big Dipper on Pocket T-Shirt

"Alaska's Flag" design on a tee. Below you'll find the song that explains the flag's design....

Lyrics written by Marie Drake
Composed by Elinor Dusenbury

Eight stars of gold on a field of blue,
Alaska's flag, may it mean to you,
The blue of the sea, the evening sky,
The mountain lakes and the flowers nearby,
The gold of the early sourdough's dreams,
The precious gold of the hills and streams,
The brilliant stars in the northern sky,
The "Bear," the "Dipper," and shining high,
The great North Star with its steady light,
O'er land and sea a beacon bright,
Alaska's flag to Alaskans dear,
The simple flag of The Last Frontier.

The tee shown is a: Basic American Apparel T-Shirt ~ The softest, smoothest, classic medium-weight T-shirt. 100% fine jersey cotton, combed for comfort. Flattering, stylish fit on virtually any body type. Made in the USA by American Apparel. You can see this design on sweatshirts, sustainable shirts, and more!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Roller Coaster Tee

Roller Coaster T-Shirt that with simple silhouette of a coaster, with the text: "I had so much fun I almost puked." iHurl Roller Coaster Poster

Trouble riding the roller coasters, but have older kids or a college student that wouldn't mind hanging a puke joke on their wall? If you do, this rude and offensive poster is the perfect funny gift idea.

I've got a bit of a roller coaster theme going today. Search the blog for "roller coaster" and you'll find other cute gift ideas.

Riding The Rollercoaster Shirt

The designer describes this adorable design: Two stick figure kids feel thrill of a rollercoaster as the text above reads, "weeee!!".
The design is featured on a Toddler Long Sleeve Shirt. The classic toddler long sleeve. 100% super-soft cotton jersey. Ribbed crew neck and cuffs. Taped neck and hemmed bottom. Imported. But, you can see this cute stick figure cartoon on sweatshirts, sustainable shirts, and more! This design makes a great back-to-school shirt for younger children that hit Six Flag over the summer!

I Love Brianna T-Shirt

I Love Brianna T-Shirt ~ Hey guys! Let the world know just how much that you love your sweetheart whether she is your wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, or ... even your favorite celebrity. The design is pictures on a Value T-Shirt: an affordable alternative heavyweight t-shirt. Pre-shrunk, 5.5 ounce 100% cotton. Double-needle stitched bottom and sleeve hems. Imported.

Luna Park - Sydney Dust Storm

Luna Park - Sydney Dust Storm

Luna Park - Sydney Dust Strom, originally uploaded by tomhide.

Earlier today there was a massive dust storm in Sydney that must have wrecked havoc on nasal passages. Cough. Cough. Wow, I'd have had trouble breathing.

Photographer "tomhide" shared some incredible photos of the Sydney Dust Storm on flickr. This shot of the entrance to Luna Park is my favorite. There is an eerie quality to have a creepy funhouse figure peering at you through the gloomy, hazy light.

Interestingly, it is tomorrow in Australia so these images are tagged with September 23 for the time taken, yet they're posted to flickr today ... September 22 in my time zone. I only bring this up because the other day on Twitter people started tweeting about Talk Like A Pirate Day, and Twitter was so kind to point out that the trending topic was one day early. But, it wasn't one day early for people in Australia! The folks monitoring trending topics at Twitter that day weren't grasping the fact that today in Australia is tomorrow for the US. Or, something like that. (That pesky International Date Line. Whose idea was it anyway?)

Urban Cowgirl and the Dueling Balalaika

There is a Urban Cowboy photo blog post at Flickr this week. Cool pictures of cowboys and cowgirls. I like the simple blue colors in this unfocused light of the city, and I always like images with a silhouette.

why I love horses

why I love horses, originally uploaded by serni.

Interesting photo of the silhouette of a horse with sun directly behind him.

I Love Cannes Bumper Sticker

I Love Cannes Bumper Stickers by definingyou
I Heart Cannes

I Love Cannes with bright pink heart symbol design.

Woman Shape Keychains

The information symbol for woman in white against dark colors.

Monday, September 21, 2009

White Maltese Cross Neckties

White Maltese Cross Neckties

A white Maltese cross on a black background ... one of the insignias attributed to the Knights Hospitaller.

Bright Green Diagonal Tie

Bright Green Diagonal Tie

Dare them to pinch you this St. Patrick's Day in this brilliant green tie. The gradient pattern ranges from bright green through emerald to black.

Little Green Man Round Stickers

Little Green Man Round Stickers

The shape if a little green man (alien) giving the peace sign on a black round sticker. The sticker can be used for stationery envelop stickers, or customized with a name for book labels.

Stephan's Quintet Print

Stephan's Quintet Print by annaleeblysse 32" x 36"
Galactic Wreckage in Stephan's Quintet

Stephan's Quintet is a visual grouping of five galaxies of which four form the first compact galaxy group ever discovered. The group was discovered by Édouard Stephan in 1877 at Marseilles Observatory. The group is the most studied of all the compact galaxy groups. "Stephan's Quintet" is 290 million light-years away, though NGC 7320 (upper left) is 40 million light-years from Earth. Image courtesy of NASA/Hubble.

I Love Garage Sales Mouse Pads

I Love Garage Sales Mouse Pads by definingyou
I Heart Garage Sales

Garage sales are serious for some people! Are you one of the regulars that show up at the crack of dawn to find that perfect knick knack you'd never find at a local department store?

Earth Baseball Cap Hat

A full earth image from NASA's Apollo Program on a trucker hat.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kokopelli Embroidered Shirt

Kokopelli Embroidered Shirt

A Kokopelli shape in threads.

Man on the Moon Coffee Mugs

Man on the Moon Coffee Mugs by annaleeblysse
Buzz Aldrin on the Moon

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, lunar module pilot, walks on the surface of the Moon (7/20/1969) during the Apollo 11 exravehicular activity (EVA). Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong, commander, took this photograph with a 70mm lunar surface camera.

Save the Whales Bumper Stickers

A cute cartoon whale in blue on a "Save the Whales" bumper sticker.

Butterfly Nebula Print

Butterfly Nebula Print by annaleeblysse 20" x 24"

Butterfly Nebula Print print
Butterfly Nebula Print by annaleeblysse
See all the other art at

Butterfly Emerges from Stellar Demise in Planetary Nebula NGC 6302

From Wikipedia: NGC 6302 (also called the Bug Nebula or Butterfly Nebula), is a bipolar planetary nebula in the constellation Scorpius. It is one of the most interesting and complex planetary nebulae observed. The spectrum of NGC 6302 shows its central star is one of the hottest objects in the galaxy, with a surface temperature in excess of 200,000 K, implying that the star from which it formed must have been very large.

The central star has never been observed and is surrounded by a particularly dense equatorial disc composed of gas and dust. This dense disc is postulated to have caused the star's outflows to form a bipolar structure (Gurzadyan 1997), similar to an hour-glass. This bipolar structure shows many interesting features seen in planetary nebulae such as ionization walls, knots and sharp edges to the lobes.

Pink & Purple Lace Letterhead

Pink & Purple Lace Letterhead

Fractal art in pretty shades of purple and pink create a unique letterhead on 8.5" x 11" letter-sized paper perfect for your home printer. You can personalize this paper to create your own letterhead.

Washington State Quarter Keychain

A souvenir keychain created from a United States Mint image. The design features the Washington State quarter of 2007. "The Evergreen State," features a king salmon breaching the water in front of majestic Mount Rainier.

Welcome to the Party Poster

A party sign with an attractive gradient background and matching text that says: Welcome to the Party. Designed to post on a garage and add a few balloons so people will know when they've found your party!

Why just last night when I was walking in the neighborhood I saw a woman driving around aimlessly looking for an unfamiliar house in the dark. If someone had propped up this sign (taped to cardboard) at the end of the driveway, and added a few baloons, her task would have been so much easier.

Flying Witch Postage Stamp

A Halloween postage stamp design with the silhouette of a wicked witch flying across the face of a full blue moon. Image credit: NASA Apollo 11.