Saturday, September 05, 2009

SnowyMeow Postage

Some cute holiday postage featuring an illustration of a cat with a snowy background.

SnowyMeow stamp
SnowyMeow by IsabelDC
Design custom stamps using zazzle

USA TODAY Talking Tech visits Zazzle

USA TODAY's Jefferson Graham visits online custom retailer Zazzle on the Talking Tech web video show. A four minute video showing a little of the workings of Zazzle, and how the name was decided upon, that also mentioned the reason companies can now advertise on postage stamps was an old Civil War statute was changed. I found this video via

Friday, September 04, 2009


Fly-by, originally uploaded by 8230This&That.

A fantastic sunset photo featuring a silhouette of the Drum Point Light House, Calvert County Marine Museum, Calvert County, MD.

Capitalism: Fun While It Lasted Bumper Stickers

Capitalism: Fun While It Lasted Bumper Stickers (from $4.95) uses a red and white Coca-Cola parody to share their message.

Highest Quality Bumper Stickers ~ No minimum order! Save when you buy in bulk! Durable 4mm thick vinyl, won't peel off ~ Water resistant inks won't run in the rain or fade in the sun ~ 11" x 3" - should be large enough to fit any message.

I Love Calgary Round Sticker

"I Love Calgary" with a red maple leaf based on the flag rather than a heart design on round stickers. Great gift ideas. Canadian souvenirs. I have links to both the in US and Zazzle Canada below.

Windspire Turbines

Quote from Windspire by Mariah Power: Are you ready to start generating your own power? When you buy a Windspire, you get far more than just a wind turbine, you get a complete system. In the US, a complete Windspire wind turbine typically costs between $9,000 and $12,000, fully installed. After rebates, the costs can be as low as $3,800.

There is a link on the site to U.S. Department of Energy site Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) that lists available rebates. In my state I didn't see any rebate programs specific to home users.

Adopt Your New BFF! NO Puppy Mills! Bumper Stickerby

Adopt Your New BFF! NO Puppy Mills! One of my favorite causes ... addressing the issue that responsible human beings should adopting other peoples unwanted pets rather than breed more unwanted pets. Found this post at Doggie Avenue blog.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

A Zazzled Universe - NM Mousepad

The artist's description of this fabulous mousepad: "It's a merry and chaotic place in the Zazzled Universe - No Meteors"

Raven Steals the Moon Tlingit Haida Shoes

Tlingit Raven steals the moon, like he steals everything.

Wind Power as Energy

Since I've been home on a leave of absence I got to watch some FOX Channel daytime shows like Glenn Beck. Boy does he ever get fired up. Yesterday one of the topics was how Obama and Biden support eliminating/decreasing coal-fired plants to produce energy.

Today I found a blog article The Best States for Wind Power that points out that: Although wind energy currently provides only slightly more than 1 percent of U.S. electricity, that number is rising rapidly. A recent government report projects that we could get 20 percent of our electricity from wind by 2030. (That second link is to the Department of Energy's report published recently ... during Obama Administration.)

The Dept of Energy under Obama thinks it'll take decades to get to the point that one-fifth of electricity can from wind. And that is a rapid rise?

Of course, considering also that Obama and the green crowd encourage electric cars as an alternative to fossil fuels, it seems to me highly likely that if by 2030 we just may need WAY more electricity then we do right now 2010. I tried to read a bit more, but the PDFs froze up my computer.

Desert Outback Kangaroo T-Shirt

Create Your Own T-Shirt ~ Replace this silhouette based on Australia's road sign for Kangaroo crossing with your own image or logo and create a customized T-shirt.

Ladies Petite T-Shirt ~ The classic t-shirt, made specifically for women. Pre-shrunk, 5.0 ounce 100% super-soft cotton, baby jersey knit. Coverstitched 3/4" bottom hem and sleeve opening. Custom contoured fit. Made by Bella. Sizes run extremely small. Order 1 to 2 sizes larger than normal. Imported.

Sydney Shirt (Color)

Information from the designer: An artistic view of the famous Sydney Opera House. Instantly recognizable all over the world, this is a must have for anyone who went there but didn't get the chance to bring a bit back.

I Love Sydney T-Shirt

Define who, what, when, where or why you love with these fantastic "I Love" heart designs with a hot pink heart symbol

I Love Vegas Shirt

I Love Vegas Tee ~ I Heart Vegas tshirt ~ "I Love" Vegas T-shirt with a big red heart design and bold, funky font.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


skydiving, originally uploaded by catastroerg.

A funky photography of a "skydiving" starfish underwater.

Walk Like A Pirate

Talk Like A Pirate Day is almost upon us. This September, you can walk like a pirate with these cute, tiny Jolly Roger patter shoes. In the picture below, you'll find skull and crossbones on the Women's Champion Mini Slip On Keds Shoe.

Real Life Stories

Though the verbal attacks on protestors against Health Care seem to have subsided a bit, I thought I'd still tell a story that is not prompted by any kickbacks or lobbies or anything other than sharing something personal that I think matters...

I've been having some health issues and I'm uninsured.

About two weeks ago I had a fainting spell and my blood pressure stayed abnormally high afterward. I was at work 25 miles from home down a 70mph freeway, and I couldn't drive. The problem wasn't going away so I ended up taking the ambulance to the emergency room.

At the ER they ran some tests and eliminated worries of a heart attack or blood clotting but the only answer they could give me was I was low on potassium and salt (both of which help regulate the heart).

In the end, I get an $8000.00 bill that I can't afford to pay yet as ... the blood pressure irregularities continue though less drastic (probably the potassium but I had to get that by reading up on the Internet and not thanks to the doctors I'll have to pay $8000) and I missed a lot of work. Since I kept missing work the VP said I could take a leave of absence and work on my issues. It didn't feel like an option, but I'm not entirely unwilling to take time from work because the truth is that I can't work 8 hour days lately and I am healthier at home. Of course, I'm a bit scared because I couldn't afford $8000 medical bills with my job, so now I'm sort of screwed when it comes to seeking private medical help to find out what is the underlying cause of these issues.


I still don't support Obama's health care despite my new found debt to a hospital. I know, first hand, that goverenment run healthcare is still less desirable than being in debt. How do I know?

I'm Native Alaskan.

My first appointment at the IHS-funded clinic was six weeks out.

"They're a high traffic clinic," the appointment desk said. "You can be seen sooner if someone cancels."

(And sadly, I'd bet my back molar that there is a Native American in the Reno-area with worse health issues than I do that called after I did and is waiting six weeks and one day.)

Over the next few weeks of having no work, I'll write a little about past and future experiences with the current goverenment-run health care because I think it is extremely important that people who want more big goverenment health care know what they're asking for.

LUV MY SOLDIER Conversation Heart T-Shirt

A conversation heart with a grungy font that mimics the distressed look of modern day candies.

Great Fountain Geyser Postcard

A beautiful NPS Photo of a lovely sunset shining through the Great Fountain Geyser in Yellowstone National Park. A great gift idea for the traveler that loves to visit National Parks.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Eiffel Tower Paris Photo Print

Info from Zazzle shop: "Looking up at the world famous Eiffel Tower from its base, you feel the presence of Paris. Digital black and white. Original photo by Tammy Winand."

Landmark Paris print
Landmark Paris by crypticfragments
View more poster designs on zazzle

Butterfly Embroidered Shirt

A cute pink and purple butterfly design is one of Today's Best at Zazzle today. If you want a different shirt color, you can change the colors of the threads used to stitch this embroidery design. There are hats and tote bags available as well.

I Love Books Round Sticker

I Love Books on a red heart design. You can change the name and background color on many of the gift items.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Eskimo Woman Wearing Fur Coat 1915 Card

A classic photograph from the Alaskan documentary efforts of Frank G. Carpenter, part of Zazzle's Library of Congress Collection. This commemorative card features a View of an Eskimo woman posing in her very warm, very furry parka; taken in 1915.