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Piggy Love Cardby StiKtoonz

I found these cute pigs stacked up in a heart greeting card thanks to Cherie's Arts 'N Crafts: Today's Best!.

Piggy Love by StiKtoonz
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I Want You To Sit Down & Shut Up T-Shirt

This design is in response to the Democat National Committee taking out an ad calling the opposition the angry mob when they expressed their personal (though strongly held) opinions.

Sit Down & Shut Up by usuallypolitics
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The Three Graces Poster

A digital re-creation of Dutch artist Theo van Doesburg's Composition VII (The Three Graces). The original was oil on canvas, and was painted in 1917. This virtual version could be called "pixels in layers".

The Three Graces Poster by annaleeblysse
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Sombrero Galaxy Mandala Magnet

Digital creation feautring NASA's Spitzer and Hubble Space Telescopes colorful composite of the Sombrero Galaxy or Messier 104.

Sombrero Galaxy Mandala by annaleeblysse
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I Love Gypsies

Madonna was booed recently in Bucharest, Romania for defending Gypsies. Prejudice sucks anywhere. Good for Madonna for speaking her mind despite what people would think.

I Love Gypsies by definingyou
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Disney's G-Force Bucky & Darwin T-Shirt

This Disney's G-Force Bucky & Darwin T-Shirt by Disney is printed on an EDUN LIVE Toddler T-Shirt (starting at $23.60) ~ Ultra-soft toddler t-shirt. EDUN LIVE’s Lamb is the softest toddler shirt we offer. 100% combed 5.1 oz. ring-spun cotton. Washes like a dream. Tumble dry low or dry naturally. (not pre-washed). Sustainable manufacturing – 100% African made, grow to sew. Learn more at Imported. (However, with most designs on Zazzle you can chose another style, size, or color.)

Disney's G-Force Bucky & Darwin T-Shirt by Disney
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Music Business Card

An fun musical design on a ready-made business card that is perfect for piano teachers, or other musicans. On the back there is room to outline services.

Music Business Card by annaleeblysse
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Stained Glass Collage Gold Border Print

Some lovely, colorful fractal art from Xzendor7's Zazzle UK Gallery (also available on the other sites in US, Canada and Australia). Digital artist's description: Stained Glass Collage Gold Border - Stain Glass Pictures Are Stunning Works Of Art That Captivate The Mind And Soul. This Stain Glass Pattern Digital Artwork Tries To Capture The Look And Feel Of The Stain Glass Designs That Inspire So Many - Prints & Posters

Stained Glass Collage Gold Border Print by Xzendor7
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Tulips, tulips, tulips Card

A description of this lovely greeting card by the photographer: "Beautiful digital photography of a stunning bed of tulips in shades of cotton candy pink and orange sherbert. Blank inside to customize however you like!" On Zazzle, when you add a greeting card to your cart the system gives you the option to create a pack of matching stamps right then and there.

Tulips, tulips, tulips by SweetRascal
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Peace, Love & Bicycles T-shirt

Biker fashion for cycling kids. Girls Ringer T-Shirt. A vintage-inspired ringer t-shirt, made for women. 5.8 ounce combed, ring-spun 100% cotton. Super soft 1x1 baby rib knit. Contrasting 2" neck and sleeve binding. Coverstitched 2" bottom baby hem. Custom contoured fit that clings to the body. Made by Bella. Imported. Prices starting at €16.95.

Peace, Love & Bicycles by silhouette_emporium
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Official "Follow Me on Twitter" Stickers

Help customers find you on twitter! Promotional stickers to give to your friends! These sticker allow visitors to your store or location an easy way to find and follow you on Twitter! It's very effective and an "officially endorsed" product by Twitter!

Two sticker sizes to choose from: Small, 1½ Inch (sheet of 20) & Large, 3 Inch (sheet of 6)

Official "Follow Me on Twitter" Sticker by TwibsonTwitter
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Official "Follow Us on Twitter" Sticker by TwibsonTwitter
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Valencia Oranges

Valencia Oranges, originally uploaded by Annalee's Pics. Tree 120 on the Tree Tour at the capital in Sacramento. These are Valencia oranges. The image is a bit blurry in the larger sizes, but if you find a use for the smaller sizes I have released this particular image into the public domain.

Fire Brush Enhanced Poster

Wandering about I found this fantastic Fire Brush Enhanced Vortex Fire Poster by Xzendor7. The pattern has brilliant green and fire red colors. Lovely digital art that would make a fantastic framed print.

Fire Brush Enhanced by Xzendor7
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Mona Lisa Poster

Digitally remastered version of Leonardo da Vinci's The Mona Lisa. There have been slight changes in color or size of the original classic painting.

Prints of The Mona Lisa approximate €12.30.

Mona Lisa Poster by vintage_emporium
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Canvas print of The Mona Lisa approximately €42.65.

Mona Lisa Matte Canvas Print by vintage_emporium

Framed Canvas Print of The Mona Lisa approximately €155.60.

Mona Lisa Poster by vintage_emporium
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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Mona Lisa (also known as La Gioconda) is a 16th century portrait painted in oil on a poplar panel by Leonardo da Vinci during the Italian Renaissance. The work is owned by the Government of France and is on the wall in the Louvre in Paris, France with the title Portrait of Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo. It is perhaps the most famous painting in the world.

The painting is a half-length portrait and depicts a woman whose expression is often descr…

CSI Can't Stand Idiots T-shirt

Designer says: Now you know what CSI really stands for! Text reads: "CSI: Can't Stand Idiots". Great parody shirt for those CSI lovers in your life!

CSI Can't Stand Idiots by malibuitalian
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Sombrero Galaxy Profile Card

This NASA image makes an attractive profile card to share your contact information for your favorite profile on a social networking site ... or your favorite quote ... or your address and phone.

Sombrero Galaxy Profile Card by annaleeblysse
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Metaphysical Business Card

A cosmic business card featuring a lovely galaxy cluster in glowing blue and purple hues. The design is perfect for fortune tellers, spiritualists, psychics, or anyone else that loves NASA Hubble images. On the back there is room to outline services. NASA Hubble image - Galaxy Cluster MACS J0717.

Metaphysical Business Card by annaleeblysse
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I Love Bats Coffee Cup

A cool "I Love Bats" heart design mug with a black silhouette of a bat.

Info from the designer: Did you know that bats are key to the natural process end of certain coffee bean brands? I think it's fitting that the little guy be on a java mug. But then I'm partial. :)

I Luv Bats by WeezelTeez
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