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Yin Yang Embroidered Shirt

Twitter Anonymous T-shirt

Found this cute tee on Twitter today thanks to TeeLoft. Twitter Anonymous T-shirt on Zazzle mimics the default Twitter avatar for people that don't upload their own symbol. There are other products with the design available.

Twitter Anonymous by deezynr
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Pavement Ends

pavement ends. salton sea, ca. 2000., originally uploaded by eyetwist. Monday - Friday at the job, but come Saturday life begins where the pavement ends. You can change the message to create your own warning sign T-shirt.

Pavement Ends T-Shirt by designs4you
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Dude Ranch Business Cards

Dude Ranch Profile Card by annaleeblysse

The name and address information on this business card template for a guest dude ranch or riding and boarding stables is based on a fictional character I created for a romance novel, and there is no similiarty to any actual living cowboy intended.

The image is a silhouette of cowboy on horse with a horse-drawn wagon at dusk in Kansas, and the photo is courtesy of National Scenic Byways Online and Jon Hardesty at Kansas Travel and Tourism.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

This old fairy tale comes from The Red Fairy Book edited by Andrew Lang, and any errors would be the fault of the typist.



Once upon a time there lived in the village of Montignies-sur-Roc a little cow-boy, without either father or mother. His real name was Michael, but he was always called the Star Gazer, because when he drove his cows over the commons to seek for pasture, he went along with his head in the air, gaping at nothing.

As he had a white skin, blue eyes, and hair that curled all over his head, the village girls used to cry after him, `Well, Star Gazer, what are you doing?' and Michael would answer, `Oh, nothing,' and go on his way without even turning to look at them.

The fact was he thought them very ugly, with their sun-burnt necks, their great red hands, their coarse petticoats and their wooden shoes. He had heard that somewhere in the world there were girls whose necks were white and whose hands were small, who were always dressed in t…