Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hashtags for Zazzlers

Twitter Tips for Zazzlers

You can create hashtags (the # symbol followed by a keyword) to describe the content of your tweet. It helps people search Twitter for specific keywords.

Zazzlers have started are using the hashtag #Zazzle to let people know their tweet is specific to Zazzle.

Product types make great hashtags:


The sky is the limit with themed hastags being used on Twitter:



#FollowFriday ~ A trend that has started where people share the intersesting people they follow.

For more information you can check out:
Twitter 101 for Business - A Special Guide

Hashtags for Authors on Twitter

Twitter Tips for Authors

You can create hashtags (the # symbol followed by a keyword) to describe the content of your tweet. It helps people search Twitter for specific keywords.

For example, authors are using the hashtag #BookBuzzr to buzz their books.

You could tweet: "My new book I Dream of Chocolate is now available for pre-order on #BookBuzzr" and the tweet will look like:

hashtag example

Twitter has it set up that people can click on #BookBuzzr and all the other Twitterfolk that want the world to know they're buzzing a book will show up in the search.

Below are a few examples...


# author ~ #authors
#book ~ #books
#writer ~ #writers


#sciencefiction ~#scifi


#FollowFriday ~ A trend that has started where people share the intersesting people they follow.


If you get caught using #BookBuzzr on Twitter, returns the favor.

hashtag example

For more information you can check out:
Twitter 101 for Business - A Special Guide

Hashing #Jobs at Twitter

Looking for a job, and have a Twitter account? Searching Twitter for #job or #jobs and you'll get information overload. But, you can get specific and follow the jobs in your state. ZuluJobs has an account for 57 states, uh, I mean 50, in the United States. If you visit the corresponding Website for each state, you can narrow your search to a specific town.

Alabama ~
Alaska ~
Arizona ~
Arkansas ~
California ~
Colorado ~
Connecticut ~
Delaware ~
Washington DC ~ District of Columbia ~
Florida ~
Georgia ~
Hawaii ~
Idaho ~
Illinois ~
Indiana ~
Iowa ~
Kansas ~
Kentucky ~
Louisiana ~
Maine ~
Maryland ~
Massachusetts ~
Michigan ~
Minnesota ~
Mississippi ~
Missouri ~
Montana ~
Nebraska ~
Nevada ~
New Hampshire ~
New Jersey ~
New Mexico ~
New York ~
North Carolina ~
North Dakota ~
Ohio ~
Oklahoma ~
Oregon ~
Pennsylvania ~
Rhode Island ~
South Carolina ~
South Dakota ~
Tennessee ~
Texas ~
Utah ~
Vermont ~
Virginia ~
Washington ~
West Virginia ~
Wisconsin ~
Wyoming ~

Finding Caregivers via Twitter
Sittercity is the database for babysitters, nannies, pet sitters, senior caregivers, and tutoring. Their service matches people need to find a job with people that need quality childcare (and all the other services). They have a rating system available, as well as a system set up to check into safety.

Besides searching the main site, they've got Twitter accounts set up for some of the larger cities in the US. Here are the tweet feeds I found by searching #sittercity at Twitter as of this month. - Sittercity's main Twitter account. - Sittercity jobs in the San Francisco ~ Bay area. - Sittercity child care jobs in the Seattle ~ Tacoma area. - Sittercity babysitting jobs in the Washington DC Metro area. - Sittercity babysitting jobs in the Providence, RI and surrounding area.

Who'd Have Known Twitter is Useful

I'm just a jokin' with that title...

Other than the fact that I haven't quite fallen in love with the idea of summing up my thoughts in 140 characters or less, Twitter is very useful. (At least for Haiku poets. I write novels, so Twitter is always a bit of a challenge.)

Still, today I found a marvelous use for Twitter and I'll share my experience...

I found the site where you can track tweets about popular travel destinations. This morning I was going to drive over to Yosemite and spend today and tomorrow wandering about. But on Trazzler Buzz I saw a post from another tweeter who knew today is free at Yosemite. For me, going to Yosemite on a free day would be the worst possible nightare. I don't like crowds, and even a quiet day in Yosemite is crowded.

Thanks to Twitter, I'm relaxing at home intead of out in nature!

How goofy is that?

Zazzlers: From what I can see, Trazzler Buzz displays some of the latest tweets that talk about the most popular travel destinations ... all over the world. When you're using the auto-tweet system on Zazzle, chose the create your own description because so they keywords involving travel destinations have a better chance of being picked up by this site.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Key West, Florida Sunset Postcard

Wow! What a lovely sunset in Key West, Florida. Absolutely one of the prettiest postcards on Zazzle. There is a sailboat against a bright sun with a brilliantly colored evening sky.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Making The Big Bucks

I thought I'd share that images of women with "big books"* attract attention. I made a whopping 44 cents on Adsense today thanks to the Evony ad featuring lotsa cleavage. Thanks Evony. If you keep advertising, perhaps I'll be able to get my first check this decade!

I provide a link to to help increase their exposure on-line. The game looks like a game I'd play if I wasn't too busy Zazzling.

*This was just a typo. I'm not afraid of saying boobs.

Another Cute Puppy Product

Spent the night wandering around online. Here's a cute graphic of a Boston Terrier on this Boston Born & Bred tee.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pink Cairn Terrier Poster

A digitally painted pink Cairn Terrier from a public domain image found on Wikimedia. For a few more days, posters are 50% off when you buy two.

Back to School Sale!

Buy 1 Poster Get 1 FREE!

AKA ~ 50% off 2+ posters!


Check below for featured posters!

Free Classical Music

A new find for me of a music library of public domain sheet music, as well as MP3s.

Quote from the Website: Musopen is an online music library of copyright free (public domain) music. We want to give the world access to music without the legal hassles so common today. There is a great deal of music that has expired copyrights, but almost no recordings of this music is in the public domain. We aim to record or obtain recordings that have no copyrights so that our visitors may listen, re-use, or in any way enjoy music. Put simply, our mission is to set music free.

I Love My Shar Pei Tee

I HEART MY SHAR-PEI design with a chunky, funky font. This tee makes a great gift for pet lovers and owners.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Digital Scrapbooking Supplies

Wandering about I found a blog post by Aloramyst that links to some free backgrounds and scraps that can be used for personal and commercial reasons. The image below links to the set at Photobucket.


North American Shar-Pei Rescue

I was wandering around Zazzle this evening and found this stamp...

that lead me to a great Site for dog lovers.

North American Shar-Pei Rescue (NASPAR) has been helping unite Shar-Pei's in need with caring people that will love them for life. Making the world a little nicer place one life at a time.