Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obama Calls the Police Stupid

I'll sum up that video for you...

First Obama admits that he doesn't know the facts surrounding the issue at hand, yet he still says the the police acted stupidly.

Then Obama spends several minutes talking about police responding to crime in general like racist pigs.

Come on now.

In this case, the police were not pulling over a black man randomly just because he was black and so was the suspect in a gang-related murder across town a half-hour early. In this case someone had actually "witnessed" Henry Louis Gates breaking and enterring into a specific house and called the police to that specific house for a specific reason (wrong, but they were responding to a public complaint).

Anyway, what I really want to know is ...

Why did Harvard hire a man that is stupid enough not to have a $10 hide-a-key?

Jobs Here, Jobs Now, Jobs First

American Solutions offers a common sense approach to stimulating the economy ... Jobs Here, Jobs Now, Jobs First.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Astronomer's Stimulus Program

LightBuckets Telescope Network

You can rent a telescope (telescope hosting) via the Internet to try your hand at astrophotography. With the downturn in the global economy, LightBuckets is advertising that rates are lower than ever. You'll likely save over 50% over the normal price on any imaging plans that you run while the program is in effect. These reduced rates won't last so be sure to schedule some telescope time today.

Some examples are available at Emanuele Colognato’s astrophotography gallery:

Backyard Skies

Earth Peace Mug from

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Most Popular Bumper Sticker Today

When you full up gifts on Zazzle, the most popular item is this anti-Obama bumper sticker. That Obama sticker on your car might as well say, "Yes, I'm stupid."

Palin 2012-2014 1/2 Bumper Sticker

Designer's description: It's a bumper sticker. It's funny. Cause she's a snowbilly quitter 'n stuff. You get it, right?

Do you think this anti-Palin dude has noted that while in the Congress, "Barack Obama missed 314 of 1300 roll call votes (24%)...".

Now that is dedication ... or at least 76% dedication.

Disney's G-Force Code Name Juarez T-Shirt

Disney's store at Zazzle has recently added G-Force gear! Here is an example ... Disney's G-Force Code Name Juarez T-Shirt.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Obama Tees For Both Sides

I created these tees when I finally watched the movie Little Miss Sunshine ... two Obama version of the JESUS WAS WRONG t-shirt the confused teen boy wore.

This tee is dedicated to the holy rollers among the media that are so overly fascinated with the man. You with the stars in your eyes!

This first version is a pro-life tee for those that think Obama is way off-base on partial birth abortion, or just for the steadfast conservatives and Republicans that need a "Don't blame me, I voted McCain" political tee.

Can't leave out the opposing viewpoint for liberals and Democrats or people that think Obama made sense when talking about reforming trade policies with countries that won't import our goods in return.

Most of us will end up needing a Obama Was "Right/Wrong" tee ... but that didn't look good on the T-shirt.

Pink Unicorns

I found an essay: Cronkite and the voice of authority gone. The author Ted Anthony's point of view was that people watched Cronkite because "the idea that someone could wrangle the world each night and boil it down to a sensible, digestible half hour was so comforting."

Comfort? Comforting?

I'd say there is another reason that people will miss Cronkite.

Take this example of modern anchoring and reporting on MSNBC in early May...

MSNBC anchor Norah O’Donnell asked White House correspondent Savannah Guthrie about a suprise appearance of President Obama at a press briefing: "Savannah, let me just start with you, the shock factor. I mean, you've got that seat right there by where the President walked out. Were you surprised?"

Guthrie replied: "Shocked is more like it, Norah. I felt a little bit like I was having a dream sequence minus the pink unicorn. I have to say, we attend those briefings every day, they are rarely so exciting."

Can you imagine Cronkite (or any pre-Obama anchor) moronic enough to allow this kind of "news" on their stage?