Saturday, July 04, 2009

Friday, July 03, 2009

Change Doesn't Have To Be Bad

Been wandering about the backroads of a few states the last few days, which means I've been using the iPod because radio reception so spotty out here in the West in the vast empty spaces. So, I just now read that Sarah Palin resigned.

Online I wandered and found this post Sarah Palin Resigns at, where one of the readers said: "One would think that as a seasoned politician, she would have been more polished in her remarks. She sounded illiterate and dysfunctional."

Would Palin have looked more functional if she had intejected a few hundred "uh"s for David Letterman to have counted?

Would she have looked more literate if she'd read the nine minute speech from a telepromter?

Why does Palin sound stupid for being a fairly capable public speaker, and Obama gets labeled as a great speaker? Bill O'Reilly thinks Obama is one of the best. Come on now ... even Obama knows he needs a telepromter (or he wouldn't rely on it so heavily).

This bumper sticker is high in popularity today at Zazzle...

Probably because there are still people who prefer politicians that are capable of acting without consulting a pollster first. Though quitting may not be the wisest political move for Sarah Palin, change doesn't have to be bad for the State of Alaska. Alaska managed for 48 years without her. (In case you're wondering how I got that figure, you can Google Alaska's statehood date and subtract the 3 years for the approximate amount of time she served in office.) People that support Palin in her future endeavors will inherently recognize that the best politicians are easily and readily replaced and won't likely care what pollsters and pundits think.

Monday, June 29, 2009

MACS J0717 Marble Mug

A fun space marble mug I Zazzled this evening... Galaxy Cluster MACS J0717 composite image from NASA ~ Hubble is the starter image for this space marble.

MACS J0717 Marble mug
MACS J0717 Marble by annaleeblysse
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Space Marble Mug

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Easily Amoosed! Bag

Artist Christie Black of Creations from the Heart on Zazzle creates cute little animals with funny or punny sayings. Having been born in Alaska, my best friend Beth and I used to tease each other about being easily "amoosed", so I got a good giggle when I found this adorable moose tote bag.