Friday, June 26, 2009


Surprise, originally uploaded by David Cartier.

Wow, isn't this an amazing shot of a curious, young grizzly? It was taken at Kluane Lake, Yukon. I haven't been past Kluane in the summertime for so long, yet those lovely flowers remain a memory because they are so colorful and plentify near the lake.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Can you "personalize" a dog t-shirt?

Can you "personalize" a dog t-shirt?

Probably not normally, but in this case, the answer is yes...

Can change the name "Princess" on this heart design your own puppy's name.

Doggie Ribbed Tank Top (starting at $18.95) Your pup will be styling in this 5.8 oz, 100% combed, ringspun cotton baby rib tank top.* Available in 6 colors (including lilac) and 7 sizes! Contrast double-needle ribbed binding on the neck, sleeves and bottom seam provides a comfy fit for your furry friend. Select one size up for long-haired dogs. *Heather is a 90/10 cotton-poly blend.

Princess Dog T-Shirt petshirt
Princess Dog T-Shirt by purplestuff
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How-To Trick for Zazzlers

New Zazzlers have a lot of questions about embroidered products. If you want answers to them all .... sadly, you've come to the wrong place.

Alas, I did figure out one simple trick that would have scared me away at first. I wanted different colored hearts in a heart design gallery, but worried about paying the conversion fee over and over again. You don't have to do that. After the embroidery file is created you can change one color at a time and the system will save a recolored copy of the file.

In the case of my tiny one-colored embroidered heart it was easy to create different colors. If you had a multi-colored image you could change colors one at a time, and after several copies you'd have a new set of colors.

Note to shoppers ... you can easily change the heart and hat colors.

Wayne is Well-Loved

I've sold a handful of "I Heart Wayne" designs in the last few days, enough to let me know that Waynes around the world are well-loved. Have a happy day, Wayne.

Let the world know you love your sweetie with these lovely red and pink "I Love" heart designs. If you can't find a name you want, you can personalize with your sweetheart's name. Also, you can customize each product's font and background color.

"I Love" designs featuring an embroidered heart ... you can change the heart and font color, and font style.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Alaskan Mugs

I found a new store on Zazzle that features some lovely images for Southeast Alaska ... probably taken along Alaska's Inside Passage during an Alaskan Cruise. There are mugs, posters and other products available. Lovely photography! They have other great non-Alaskan souvenir items too.

I found the store because this post is one of Today's Best at Zazzle...

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Pink Jolly Roger T-Shirt

I found a blog (Skull-a-Day) where artist's are invited to submit their own skull art. I saw artwork posted from Etsy artist's, but nothing I saw was obviously from Zazzlers. My own skull design is probably too cute for skull lovers, but there are Zazzlers out there that have "skull" skull art that could send original designs and such.

Gear for your pirate princess ... a bright pink jolly Jolly Roger.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

He's Barack Obama!

JibJab has a Zazzle store, which I didn't realize until they/Zazzke put the "He's Barack Obama" tee on sale for a limited time. Since Zazzle is offering free shipping until the end of June I'm pretty sure that means the tee is only $18 shipped ... but I didn't read the fine print. Here is more JibJab Obama parody cool gearon my Site.

Heroic Stance T-shirt by JibJab

Heroic Stance T-shirt by JibJab from He's Barack Obama, He's Here to Save the Day vid. Here is more JibJab Obama parody cool gearon my Site.

Heroic Stance shirt
Heroic Stance by JibJab
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