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"Save a cow, eat a vegetarian" T-shirt

"Save a cow, eat a vegetarian" T-shirt by juanbobo808
Not much to say. Funny shirt I made for myself.

"Save a cow, eat a vegetarian" by juanbobo808
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Here is the saying on back...

"Save a cow, eat a vegetarian" by juanbobo808
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Big Head Toad Doggie Tee

A smiling big headed toadally cool dog tee.

Big Head Toad Dog T-Shirt by annaleeblysse
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I Bee Lover Dog t-shirt

I Bee Lover Dog t-shirt by annaleeblysse
Not a Fighter

Old design that started with replacing a heart design with a bee.

I Bee Lover by annaleeblysse
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SETI Greeting Card

I was wandering about and found a year-old greeting card that was one of Today's Best on Zazzle last May. Here is a description from the artist: "A radio telescope similar to the 70-meter antenna at Goldstone, California points toward the sky, listening for radio waves from space originating from intelligent life. A bright star shines far away in space. Molecules and cells emanate from this star, representing the life on this distant planet. From an original painting in the collection of the SETI Institute."

SETI Card by lynettecook
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