Friday, May 08, 2009

Visit the Ice Caves of HOTH Poster

A retro-style travel poster featuring Hoth from the Empire Strikes Back. This poster is available on the shoppers in the UK at Zazzle. (Here is the link to the same product on the US Zazzle Site: Annalee Blysse: Visit the Ice Caves of HOTH Poster by starwars.)

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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Retro Class of 2009 Card

Create your own 2009 Graduation Invitation greeting cards featuring a retro 2009 design.

I Bee Lover (not a fighter) Dog T-Shirt

I Bee Lover (not a fighter) Dog T-Shirt
Dog Shirt

Here's my first doggy tee on Zazzle. This is an old design of mine from Cafepress days that started as "I Love Bees", and developed into replacing the heart with a public domain cartoon of a cute little bee. This puppy tee is for your tough, rough and mean-looking dog that is really just a big puppy. A tee for dogs with people that are activists for animal rights and abhor dog fighting!

Ah!!! Puppy Tees at Zazzle. So Cute.

Zazzle has puppy wear! One of Today's Best shows the new gear for your favorite pooch in action. Doggie Ribbed Tank Top ~ Your pup will be styling in this 5.8 oz, 100% combed, ringspun cotton baby rib tank top.* Available in 6 colors and 7 sizes! Contrast double-needle ribbed binding on the neck, sleeves and bottom seam provides a comfy fit for your furry friend. Select one size up for long-haired dogs. *Heather is a 90/10 cotton-poly blend.

Pink Army Brat Tee

A cute pink camouflage Army brat T-shirt for girls.

Yoda says Go Green T-shirt

This Star Wars T-shirt on the UK Zazzle Site says: "Go Green: When 900 years old you reach, look this good you could!"

Yoda says Go Green shirt
Yoda says Go Green by starwars
Design a personalised shirt online at zazzle

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What Mom loves about - Personalized Poster

This gallery at Zazzle about thirty posters to brag on your favorite kid with kindness. There are many cute little bugs available, as well as many colors. Here is the designer's description: "Personalize and customize our adorable "cute frog" poster with all of the things that you love about that special child (or children) in your life. It's a great, personal, and unique gift for birthdays, Christmas, other special occasions, or just because. Children will beam with pride and love when you give this to them for any reason or 'just because'. I've been giving posters and cards like this to my children for years, and no toy or expensive gift could mean more!!!"

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Pink & Yellow Winged Dragonfly Hat

Zahara Pink & Yellow Winged Dragonfly Hat by silhouette_emporium
Make this Gift Personal!

In this dragonfly silhouette the wings are colored with a pink and golden pattern. Personalize this baseball cap to make a lovely gift for a girl. The dragonfly is a public domain image that comes from the Wikimedia commons Pearson Scott Foreman collection. Note, the text size is set for names that are about five to six (6) letters long, but that can easily be changed for longer or even shorter names if you customize the product.

Hot Air Balloon Mousepad

I was wandering about this evening and found this lovely image of hot air balloons rising near a calm pond ... providing a wonderfully clear reflection. One of the balloons is a green parrot.

Magic Carpet Ride Mug by vintage_emporium

Digital art featuring a magic carpet ride from a vintage theatrical poster. Poster for Federal Theatre Project 1936 or 1937 presentation of "A Hero is Born" at the Adelphi Theatre, 54th Street east of 7th Avenue, showing a man riding on a magic carpet.

Light Echo From Star V838 Monocerotis Postcard

Hubble Watches Light from Mysterious Erupting Star Reverberate Through Space

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Colorful Lace Coffee Cup Mug

A bright rainbow fractal with repeating spiral pattern.

At the Edge of Reason Poster

From an Original Acrylic Painting by Lucia Stewart completed May 2009. One of Today's Best at Zazzle.

Plastic Fetish

George Monbiot blogs about the fight against plastic bags being a feel-good-fix: Because dealing with plastic bags is easy. Easy for the government, easy for retailers, easy for shoppers. It threatens no one, makes money for the shops (if they charge for their bags) and ensures that everyone feels better about themselves, while continuing to trash the biosphere just as we did before.

Found the reference to Monbiot reading an old BBC article regarding his thoughts on cap and trade as being "grossly unjust" since (cap and trade) will allow polluters to buy their way out of their responsibilities.

Carousel Horse in Santa Monica

Carousel Horse in Santa Monica, originally uploaded by curlyluu.

I was updating my lens on Squido featuring Painted Ponies & Carousel Art today...

Rainbow Peace Symbol T-Shirt

Rainbow for peace symbol. Women for peace. Peace sign. Peace T-shirts. Anti-war tees. Protest apparel.

Glambert Tee T-shirt

"Glambert" t-shirt from the fans at of American Idol. Art by Andrew Power.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Psychedelic T-Shirt

A funky, colorful peace sign.

I Love America

I Love America T-shirt and other gifts in Red, White, & Blue

Great gift ideas showing pride in your country, country of heritage, or favorite travel destination. Create your own "I Love" design with a lovely, bright heart. Cute design to customize or personalize to match your needs.

Bright Rainbow Gradient Tie

Funky bright rainbow background with a black peace symbol on ties.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Icy Blue Peace Keychain

A brilliant blue peace sign in shades of blues and white. I used to work at a women's shelter and we promoted a message of peace in all personal relationships. Peace starts at home. Be kind to children.

The Running Horse Poster

A lovely silhouette of a horse against a brilliant sunset.

Princess Pirate Flag Posterby

A cute pirate flag poster - Jolly Roger - skull on crossbones. There are other shades of pink for the background and you can also remove the white border.