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I was wandering about shopping options in Northern Nevada recently and found The Purple Avocado's site. They mentioned Bunko. Huh? I thought. What is Bunko? I found Helen Ginger's site that describes Bunko as being a dice game and a social event where people get together and cook and play once a month. Besides Bunko night recipe ideas, she has tons of writing resource links as well. Sounds kind of interesting. I don't know any Bunko people though.

Sunflower World Postage

Some bright, colorful digital art featuring sunflowers! Lovely postage stamps with matching cards.

Sunflower World Postage by aftsun
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World of Sunflowers Card by aftsun
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Field of Sunflowers Mousepad

A beautiful field of sunflowers makes the perfect mouse pad. And a perfect gift for Mother's Day.

Field of Sunflowers Mouse Pad by ruderetro
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Wanda Lake, High Sierras, California Card

What a wonderful capture! What a day to find Wanda Lake. Info from the photographer: Pristine alpine lake reflecting mountain peaks on a clear morning in June, 2007.

Wanda Lake, High Sierras, California by viviculture
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For more information on Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

Romance & Erotic Romance eBook Publishers

Here is a list of ePublishers that publish romance and erotic romance eBooks.

I try to keep up with the most current publishers. If I am missing your publisher, please feel free to comment and I'll fix the gap.

This blog post's URL location changes with each update, so if you wanted to to link to this post I suggest linking to one of these labels ... , , or .

Amber Quill Press
Romance. Erotic romance. Other genres. They are open to submissions during a contest that they run once a year.

Aspen Mountain Press
Aspen Mountain Press is an e-book publisher with a variety of genres including romance, erotica, along with science fiction and mystery.

Atlantic Bridge (see also Liquid Silver Books)
Romance. Other genres.

Romance and other genres.

Belgrave House
Romance. Belgrave House acquires pr…

Colorful Butterfly Painting - Multi Postcard

A bright, colorful painting featuring butterflies. Here is the artist's description: Acrylic painting of butterflies rendered with colorful composition. This is printed in different product lines like: bags, cards, t-shirts, mousepads, keychain, buttons, mugs, etc.

Colorful Butterfly Painting - Multi by JUDERM
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aLiEn grEEn! Sticker

aLiEn grEEn! Sticker by BitsOfWhimsy aLiEnS with a green message for us!

aLiEn grEEn! by BitsOfWhimsy
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Butterflies T-shirt

I stopped by Fashion Bug the other day, and there are butterflies galore on women's clothing at that store. If butterflies are the trend this spring, you can beat the options at Here is a lovely, colorful butterflies design. The design can be printed on hundreds of different T-shirt styles and sizes. Here it is features on a Girls Baby Doll (Fitted) ~ This classic baby doll is our best-selling ladies top. 100% super-soft ring-spun cotton. Double-needle stitched bottom hem, capped sleeves, tapered side-seamed body with custom contoured fit. Made by Bella. NOTE: Sizes run extremely small. Order 1 to 2 sizes larger than normal. Imported. (starting at $16.95)

Butterflies by Maria_K_Bell
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Don't Tax Me, Bro! T-shirt

Don't Tax Me, Bro! T-shirt by My2Cents

Are you attending a Tea Party this April? Show up with this funny parody of the Don't Taze Me, Bro! products that were so popular online a year back.

Don't Tax Me, Bro! by My2Cents
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Don't Tax Me, Bro! by My2Cents
Available in Plus Sizes to 6X

Tags: don't tax me bro, pork, porkulus, stimulus, bill, pig, taxes, tax, republican, conservative, rush, anti obama, anti tax, government, spending, bailouts, bailout, anti, anti obama, government, anti, congress, money, stimulus, bill, taxed, taxes, tax, day, tea, party, rally, sarah, palin, bobby, jindal, piggy, bank, money, spending, relief, freedom, socialism, obama, ronald, reagan, sean, hannity, rush, limbaugh

Gallery Product Line: Don't Tax Me, Bro!

Ladies "Dryad Medallion" Black Tee T-shirt

Original digital art by Houston artist Jolie E. Bonnette.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Dryads are tree nymphs in Greek mythology. In Greek drys signifies 'oak,' from an Indo-European root *derew(o)- 'tree' or 'wood'. Thus dryads are specifically the nymphs of oak trees, though the term has come to be used for all tree nymphs in general. "Such deities are very much overshadowed by the divine figures defined through poetry and cult," Walter Burkert remarked of Greek nature deities. Normally considered to be very shy creatures, except around the goddess Artemis, who was known to be a friend to most nymphs.

Ladies "Dryad Medallion" Black Tee by aazari
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Palin 2012 Bumper sticker

Palin 2012 Bumper sticker by xuberalles
Change You'll Be Begging For!

Palin 2012 by xuberalles
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Pink Rainbow Peace Symbol Hoodie

The front of this hooded sweatshirt spells out "PEACE" and the back has a pink rainbow peace symbol. Women for peace. Peace sign. Peace T-shirts. Anti-war tees. Protest apparel.

Pink Rainbow Peace Symbol T-Shirt by designs4you
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Pink Rainbow Peace Symbol T-Shirt by designs4you
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Cold December Night Card & Matching Stamp

Ravens are a favorite theme around here. Artist Tanya Bond has several options on many products at her Zazzle gallery.

Fluffy bunny rabbit and gorgeous baby raven keeping each other warm in a cold December night. From an original oil pastel illustration by Tanya Bond.

Cold December night by tanyabond
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Cold December night by tanyabond
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iTeaParty T-shirt

iTeaParty T-shirt by dontgo
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Quote from the Web Site...

What is this Tea Party effort all about?

The Tea Party effort is just a small piece of a much larger movement aimed at restoring the basic free-market principles our country was built on. The Constitution, for the most part, is being ignored by our current government and we intend on working together to correct the problem.

Tea Party Bumper Stickers

Cool designs for conservatives that want to decorate their car's bumper.

Our Congress is a Toxic Asset bumper sticker by dontgo
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Free Markets not Free Loaders Bumper Sticker by dontgo
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Restore the Republic, Revolt Against Socialism Bumper Sticker by dontgo
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Tags: tea, party, tax, congress, president, barack, obama, stimulus, bailouts, revolution, conservative, democrat, constitution, liberty, america, founding, fathers, jefferson, adams, franklin, washington, dontgo, santelli, freedom

Turtles for Earth Day T-shirt

Turtles for Earth Day send a funny Earth Day message to all for conservation and ecology loving folk. Be Eco - Chic with this cool pro environment shirt.

Turtles for Earth Day T-shirt by UTeezGoGreen
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Obama Winds of Change Keychain

Show your support for REAL change with this colorful keychain!

Obama Winds of Change Keychain by stoddard06
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Peace Alien Card

Turtles for Earth Day Hat

Wear an environmental message on your head to promote Ecology and send the message that Earth Day can be Every Day! Wear an Earth Day Cap and change the World.

Turtles for Earth Day Hat by UTeezGoGreen
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