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Quirky Holidays

I heard about Hoodie Hoo on the radio. has all kinds of "trademarked holidays". That would have been an expensive endeavor, to trademark their entire list of quirky holidays. But, it seems to be working for them if they are getting national coverage. Anyone curious would discover they sell essential oils. These are the kinds of Web sites I love to find because I'm opposed to the toxic, deadly chemicals in my personal care products and won't use perfumes.

But, because today is trademarked, no I Love Hoodie Hoo Bumper Sticker ... here is an I Love Mardi Gras bumper sticker I created awhile back.

I Love Mardi Gras Bumper Sticker by annaleeblysse
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Shamrock Shoes

Shamrock Shoes Keds Shoe by designs4you

Shamrock green shamrocks on a tea green background, one of Today's Best over at Zazzle.

Shamrock Shoes by designs4you
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Cosmic Spider Badge & Keychain

Cosmic Spider Button by turtledovecreations

A wonderful rainbow spider to add to your badge collection.

Cosmic Spider Button by turtledovecreations
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Or the keychain...

Cosmic Spider Keychain by turtledovecreations
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Obama Girl Embroidered Hat

Obama Girl Embroidered hat by EmbroideredGifts4You
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A great heart design! One of my favorite I've seen. It uses the Obama campaign logo for inspiraton. You can find the heart on a variety of T-shirts, jackets, tote bags, hats, and more! This cute design described by artist: "Still an Obama Girl. Celebrate Barack Obama's inauguration with this quality embroidered design. Want more choices? Stop by our shop for a large selection of wonderful embroidered gifts."

Obama Girl by EmbroideredGifts4You
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I Shamrock Ireland T-shirt

I Shamrock Ireland T-shirt by definingyou
I Heart Ireland

Stop the pinching with these green "I Love" Ireland T-shirts. A bright green heart-like shamrock replaces the heart symbol. Use the template to create-your-own green St. Patrick's Day tee.

I Shamrock Ireland by definingyou
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Universal Magic Mousepad

The artist's description of this wonderful mousepad: "The ultimate in magical fantasy, communion with a unicorn! A lovely vision for friends and family, or a magical gift for a child." It is so pretty!

Universal Magic Mousepad by darkermusings

Universal Magic by darkermusings
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Leaning Tower of Pisa Poster, THE PINK PANTHER



A great post filled with funny headlines in picture form...

Romance & Erotic Romance eBook Publishers

Here is a list of ePublishers that publish romance and erotic romance eBooks.

I try to keep up with the most current publishers. If I am missing your publisher, please feel free to comment and I'll fix the gap.

This blog post's URL location changes with each update, so if you wanted to to link to this post I suggest linking to one of these labels ... , , or .

Aspen Mountain Press
Aspen Mountain Press is an e-book publisher with a variety of genres including romance, erotica, along with science fiction and mystery.

Atlantic Bridge (see also Liquid Silver Books)
Romance. Other genres.

Romance and other genres.

Black Lyon Publishing, LLC
Romance - eBooks and trade paperbacks.

Black Velvet Seductions
Erotic romance.

Romance. Other genres.