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Showing posts from January 18, 2009

I Love London Tank Top

A lovely red and pink "I Love" heart design on a flirty tank top to show your favorite place (or travel destination)! A hot pink heart design that reads "I Love London". This tee style is a pink: Ladies Spaghetti Top (Fitted) ~ A classic spaghetti strap tank top. 100% super soft ring-spun cotton, bound-on self-trim neckline and straps. Double-needle stitched bottom hem, side-seamed with custom contoured fit. Made by Bella. NOTE: Sizes run extremely small. Order 1 to 2 sizes larger than normal. Imported. (starting at £14.80) However, you can chose one of hundreds of styles and sizes.

I Love London by definingyou
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Raven Soaring T-Shirt

Wandering around Zazzle this evening and I found a great raven tee.

Raven Gifts T-shirt by HANDPRINTS
Artwork by Val Brackenridge

Description by the artist: A single black raven soars through the open skies. An ideal gift idea for any Raven Lover!

Raven Gifts by HANDPRINTS
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Here is a video on Youtube featuring rare white ravens I found on the gallery.

We Are the Solution

Almost time for Obama to take office, so the other day I found on a forum a discussion about which president should be blamed for the problems at hand and how wonderful life will be when Obama takes office.

I wanted to, but didn't, get involved because I'm sure I'd irritate someone.

Instead I'll say what I have to say here...

As the few regulars might recall, my day job is "debt collector." You know, one of THOSE people.

I've been collecting debt for banks and debt purchasers for the better part of three years. I'm here to tell you that when it comes to who is holding shares in our national debt right now, about the only difference I see over the last three years is that of the 98-99% of the people we contact that repeatedly refused to pay their debt back probably about 10% of them really can't right now because they are currently unemployed. Three years ago, if we were collecting on the same account, they had already been refusing to pay back their b…