Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Love London Tank Top

A lovely red and pink "I Love" heart design on a flirty tank top to show your favorite place (or travel destination)! A hot pink heart design that reads "I Love London". This tee style is a pink: Ladies Spaghetti Top (Fitted) ~ A classic spaghetti strap tank top. 100% super soft ring-spun cotton, bound-on self-trim neckline and straps. Double-needle stitched bottom hem, side-seamed with custom contoured fit. Made by Bella. NOTE: Sizes run extremely small. Order 1 to 2 sizes larger than normal. Imported. (starting at £14.80) However, you can chose one of hundreds of styles and sizes.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Raven Soaring T-Shirt

Wandering around Zazzle this evening and I found a great raven tee.

Raven Gifts T-shirt by HANDPRINTS
Artwork by Val Brackenridge

Description by the artist: A single black raven soars through the open skies. An ideal gift idea for any Raven Lover!

Raven Gifts shirt
Raven Gifts by HANDPRINTS
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Here is a video on Youtube featuring rare white ravens I found on the gallery.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

We Are the Solution

Almost time for Obama to take office, so the other day I found on a forum a discussion about which president should be blamed for the problems at hand and how wonderful life will be when Obama takes office.

I wanted to, but didn't, get involved because I'm sure I'd irritate someone.

Instead I'll say what I have to say here...

As the few regulars might recall, my day job is "debt collector." You know, one of THOSE people.

I've been collecting debt for banks and debt purchasers for the better part of three years. I'm here to tell you that when it comes to who is holding shares in our national debt right now, about the only difference I see over the last three years is that of the 98-99% of the people we contact that repeatedly refused to pay their debt back probably about 10% of them really can't right now because they are currently unemployed. Three years ago, if we were collecting on the same account, they had already been refusing to pay back their bank. So there isn't really anything new except right now fewer people are paying back their banks.

"I Own Shares in the National Debt" written in a bold distressed headline font in white and red (on a trendy black tee).

I'd just ended that thought about with ... So there isn't really anything new except right now fewer people are paying back their banks.

This is not a problem that Obama will not be able to fix, and it is not a problem that Bush created.

The problem is ours to fix.

You. Me.

Our neighbors.

Well, at least those among us that have been igoring that $149 bad check we wrote on a faltering bank. The debt didn't go away and it is still needing to be paid.

I talked to a woman (idiot woman) about a week and a half ago that had been ignoring a bad check. She knew about it.

It was their fault, she said.

How could it be their fault you wrote a check vouching for money when you didn't have it? I thought but didn't say.

She'd closed her account so they shouldn't have cashed it,
she said. They have enough money to cover it.

Well, no, they don't, I said. They went under and my bank bailed them out ... their name is now showing on my banks's ATMS.

She hung up on me.

Last night I was telling this story to a man at a casino while we were waiting in line. He is a regular. He is on Social Security and he told me that he has thousands of dollars in unpaid debt that he'll never be able to pay back.

I didn't tell him this to his face.

HELLO! You're a regular at this casino. Why not cut the gambling budget by $50 a month and pay back your debt?

When it comes right down to it, I can't fix that man anymore than Obama can. Obama will try though, because he is going to be the president in a few days.

But, if we want out of this mess, we all have to buckle down and start paying back the debts that we owe and stop extending our credit beyond our means.

Another place we can make in impact is in the marketplace. Obama can try to change laws that govern imports and exports, but each us have more power because we could stop buying foreign products and start buying American. When I was a kid we drove American, we watched American TVs, we ate American grown vegetables, we wore American made clothing, etc... These days we have more foreign made products in our closets, in our driveways, and almost all electronics are created overseas. That isn't Bush's fault! We let that happen to because we bought the products rather than fight to buy American.

By the way, that tee I linked to above is made in the USA. If you really want to buy a foreign made product though, try this version of the tee...

Edun Live t-shirts are created in Africa, and that project is wonderful way of helping the economically-disadvantaged overseas by giving them jobs. Good jobs. These aren't the kind of foreign products that are a problem.

When it comes to clothing, the problem is that most of what is sold in cheap department stores is created by people overseas that don't get a fair wage. If Obama listened to me, he'd work with Congress to pass laws that all goods sold can't keep secrets as to how they made it to the shelves.

I for one, would have no problem chosing ethically between .... this tee was made on $10 an hour labor and we're earning 100% profit versus this shirt was made for .10 an hour and we're thankful you're willing to charge our 1000% profit to your VISA card.