Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How To Add Links to Facebook

How-to tip for beginning users at A simple and easy example of how to add Zazzle referral links with pictures to your Facebook wall updated for summer of 2011 from an old post.

Log into your Facebook profile and Zazzle both. These days, adding affiliate links to a page or profile is as simple as clicking on the "share this product on Facebook!" button.


Most of the time you will not need to change the thumbnail. Write something interesting to interact with your Facebook fans and friends and then you are ready to share.


Some people take the opportunity to thank customers. Other people share the latest discount offer running at Zazzle. Whatever the message, I think most Zazzlers will find this the best way to share links. There will certainly be exceptions, but overall I think that most Facebook users tend to ignore auto-posted material and show a preference to interacting with real people.