Thursday, December 25, 2008

On the Naugtly List

Just an old image from an old post that I thought I'd bring back for another show.

Cute cartoon about naughty penguins surfing the Internet.

naughty list

Studly Man T-shirt

Studly Man T-Shirt by designs4you's Gallery at Zazzle.

I Zazzled this funny "Studly Man" T-shirt today.

Good Deals

If you're looking for a good deal on erotic romance eBooks (and find this post day), there is a 50% off sale at Phaze.

I found the information about the sale here:

You can follow this publisher on Twitter and find out about the good deals too.

I haven't been actively working on writing these days, I'm just a follower on Twitter. I decided to post it to point the way to some great and spicy books by other authors. Merry Christmas folks.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hope Arrives Obama Inauguration Day T-Shirt

I talked to some debtor the other day that was indebted $249 to X bank that went under and was purchased by Y bank within the last month or so.

INDEBTED: "No, I'm not going to pay, they've got plenty of money."

ME: "Well, no actually, they're bankrupt--"


Obama has a tough road ahead of him. He can't fix everything people. Do your part and pay your debts! (Please ignore that please if you're one of the responsible people among us.)

Speaking of Obama, here is one of the best Obama Inauguration Day T-Shirts picked on Zazzle the other day.

And another OBAMA 2009 tee... "As this tee was created, 2008 is nearly overs. Besides, it was only the president elect in 08. It is 2009 that counts. Here you will find a trendy distressed font on a matching color T-shirt ... supporting Obama starting office in 2009!"

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chuchumumu Fractal

Chuchumumu Fractal, originally uploaded by ~ZigmaS~.

A cool, funky kitty fractal image I found today at flicr.


FIGHT, CURE, SMA T-shirt by PrincessCalla

"Help fight spinal muscular atrophy by wearing this t-shirt and raising awareness of this disease!" PrincessCalla has another SMA tee and a stamp.