Thursday, December 18, 2008

When Your in the Mood for Food

Go check out the Site that advertises Burger King's new perfume called Flame. Make sure that you "click to spray" through all the way to the end of the Site's features.

Let me just say .... yummy!

(I found this one thanks to Tyler Wright on Twitter.)

Slow Times at Work

Over the years I've noticed that December has always been slow in debt collection. The first year I worked as a debt collector, I was mildly suprised that debtors refused to make payment on their past debt and told me they'd be Christmas shopping instead.

Of course, when I first got the job I also thought that deep inside everyone that was in collections had just fallen on bad times and actually wanted to pay back their creditors.

This year, the top excuses for non-payment aren't related to Christmas. Most people who won't pay bring up the economy.

I got laid off.

I'm a waitress and no one is tipping.

Even ... I'm a truck driver and work is so good that I haven't been home for a month and a half.

Then last week someone said, "Are you an idiot? Or what? Haven't you noticed that we're in the middle of a recession? I can't afford to pay my bills."

What I really, really, really wanted to say was ...

Well, yes, I did notice that we are in the middle of a recession that a lot of people are blaming on fat cat CEOs and President Bush. However, I can't help but point out that a significant part of the problem is that trillions of dollars in debt isn't being paid to creditors by people like yourself. So, take our your checkbook and knock this $53 debt that you have with the company that lent you money and isn't quite bankrupt yet. After all, Obama won't be able to fix anyting unless people like you start paying it all back.

The man I was speaking to was working and had a credit score over 700. He didn't have credit issues, he was one of those silly people that had a customer service issue that teed him off and so he refused to make good on a contractual obligation. His situation wasn't that entertaining, so I'll share one that is....

I once talked to a woman that told me she wouldn't pay for her contract with a satellite television provider because it wasn't her fault that her landlady wouldn't let her cut down the trees blocking reception. Oh, and, they could come get their damn equipment (4 years later) if they still wanted it.