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Dealing with Computers

This woman called in while I was on inbound freaky crazy screaming about how tired she is of year after year of wrong number debt collection calls to her number. I kind of felt bad for her. Then again, she'd been putting up with our company calling for five months! It was a wrong area code. Hundreds of calls because someone years ago mis-typed an area code.

What I wanted to tell her was that:

It was a computer that dialed the phone, not me! You've ignored a computer for the last five months. I'm the first human eyes on the data in our system. Ever. All you have to do is be smarter than a dumb computer!

What I did say was:

I'm so sorry for the calls. I can see that they'd be annoying. I'll fix it so we don't call you again.

Don't let computers do the talking ...get to a human being.

And, get to a human being on on day 5 rather than day 165 will suffer a lot less stress.

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Obama '08 Postcard

Touching base with on update on the lastest disturbing conversation with A Real Voter.

The other day she told me a stupid racist joke about Obama.

I refuse to post it because ... it was a racist joke.

But, I did tell her that her joke wasn't funny, and I was offended. I told her I didn't vote for Obama because I'm pro-Life. I told her I don't agree with Obama on health care issues. I told her I know going into the next four years that I'll find plenty to disagree with, but my differences with Obama won't include a racial divide and that I didn't want to hear jokes like that again. Basically, I disagree with his politics but I don't dislike the man.

She was kind of shocked.

So was I. She voted for him! What was she doing telling tastless jokes?

To be fair, her joke was thoughtless but it wasn't as bad as...

Later that day I saw on The O'Reilly Factor a clip from an on-line video filmed by a woman proudly teaching her toddler profanities and racist comme…

It's Your Puzzle Greeting Card

One of my favorite quotes by Richard Back is, “There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands. You seek problems because you need their gifts.” Here is a lovely inspirational greeting card that reminds me of those words to live by.

It's Your Puzzle Card (Butterfly) by Poetlady
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Obama Mocked Nancy Reagan Before He Apologized

Obama Apologizes to Nancy Reagan For 'Séance' Crack

I hope some liberal-minded folks out there recognize that Obama wouldn't have had to apologize if he was diplomatic enough to have left the little old former president's widow alone to begin with.

Nancy Reagan is an 87-year-old woman that will have little, if no impact, on Obama's presidency. Making a joke at the expense of a widow's love of her deceased husband, even with apology, was a poor showing for the first week after elections.

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Speaking needing change...

Would you prefer Brad Pitt or George Clooney to play Henry Higgins for a remake of My Fair Lady? Apparently Pitt and Clooney are at odds with each other over this very question. Since I can't find any evidence on-line that the question has been answered by the powers that be in Hollywood, I'll post a poll in the sideba…

Palin 2012 ~ You Betcha

One of Today's Best over at Zazzle today...

Plain 2012 lipstick by PoliticalCorner
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"Palin 2012" is hands down the hottest topic I've ever seen drive traffic to the blog here. There were 170 visitors on November 5th. That is the single largest day for visitors for my tiny corner of the web! Ever. After years of watching the stats. Interstingly enough, 99% (not really but close) of all the visitors are searching for Palin 2012.

If you are here to search for Palin T-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers and gifts, here are some labels that point to some great Zazzle products that artists have posted for sale.