Saturday, November 08, 2008

Careful or in My Novel T-shirt by LabelMeHappy

Funny gifts for writers! Information from designer: "I’m just warning you…keep acting like that and it might happen. You can’t say you weren’t informed because I’m telling you right now: Careful or you’ll end up in my novel."
created by LabelMeHappy (6/1/2008 5:48 PM)

Chictini - The Shopping Discovery Site
Chictini is a "shopping discovery site" ... a social network for on-line shoppers. I've found some Etsy artists using the site for promotion. So far I haven't seen any Zazzle or CafePress products? I wonder if anyone using the service for a free promotion opportunity has found success?

Diva Embroidered Baseball Caps

Imagine, for a moment, that this hunky model is actually a woman! Women do wear baseball caps. This one would be perfect for holding up a diva's hair.

Friday, November 07, 2008

I Saw The UFO Over Ohio T-shirt

I Saw The UFO Over Ohio
created by figstreetstudio (11/7/2008 8:11 AM)

Wandering around Zazzle this evening I discovered that: "Along the Ohio River ... a huge object said to be 'about the size of a large shopping mall and parking lot' was reportedly sighted in the early morning hours of Friday, Oct. 24, by a military veteran who worked in the helicopter aviation field while in the military."
(Quote from:

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Palin 2012 T-shirt by RayBarnsbury

Palin 2012 T-shirt by RayBarnsbury

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Sarah Palin 2012 Moose T-Shirt by glenndesigns

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Sarah Palin White House 2012 Magnet by Women4Palin

Designer says: "Palin Power 2012 t-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers and more. Sarah Palin offers so much to the GOP Ticket. Support Sarah Palin for President in '12 because a Woman's Place is in the house... the White House."

Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Real Voter

Today, a lady I work with told me:

Her: I hated them both, but I voted for Obama because McCain's health plan would have taxed our* health benefits.

* Meaning our employer's plan.

Me: What health benefits?

Her: Our health benefits.

Me: We don't get any health benefits.

Her: Oh?

Me: No. People who get insurance here pay for their own health benefits and McCain's plan would have given them a tax credit/refund.

Her: Oh.

Note, some of my smartest friends are Democrats.

Some of my other smartest friends are Republicans.

I get irritated when any voter doesn't bother thinking before believing campaign promises. This applies to voters in both political parties.

Writer at Work

Writer at Work T-shirt

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Write Hat

Write Hat

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Sunday, November 02, 2008

PALIN 2012 Embroidered Ladies Zip Hoodie

PALIN 2012 Embroidered Ladies Zip Hoodie by designs4you
Palin 2012 in Bold Pink

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Palin 2012 Embroidered Hat

A nod for Sarah Palin. May her career continue!
Palin 2012 Embroidered Hat by designs4you

Tags: sarah, palin, 2012, election, support, republican, alaska, alaskan, governor, smart, beautiful, woman, conservative, politician, politics, usa, us, presidency, republicans

Pushing The Wrong Buttons

Palin 2012 a hot topic today. Does she even have a plan to run in 2012? I don't think so. I think all the products out there are a show of support for Sarah Palin. I do like her as well, so I hope she takes the nods under advisement when considering her own political future.

But, I can't get a button and wear it to work. This election was causing so many fights at work the VP that matters at work said NO MORE. Someone pushed the wrong button, and too hard. I was out of the loop on that argument. But the end result was that everyone had to take down their buttons and bumper stickers from our cubbies at work. Our VP said deal with it on our own time, we're not hired to waste their time and money discussing politics.

Bias in the Media

Did you hear the news about how Obama's brother lives in abject poverty in Africa? Maybe not because news segments about George Obama did not get run over and over for days on end on the news. But, most of us had no problem catching on that Sarah Palin's daughter is pregnant. To me this is just more proof that we can't rely on most media outlets to provide fair and balanced information.

I have some questions for the liberals out there that did judge Sarah Palin for having a daughter that fell in love and got pregnant pre-marriage, and found Sarah Palin unfit as a result.

Do you approve of Barack living in a mansion in Chicago, while his half-brother lives in a shanty in Kenya?

Do you think it is okay when Barack wants for nothing but the position that makes him the leader of the free world, and his half-brother lives on a $1 a month?

For two decades Barack visited a church several times a month where the pastor expressed beliefs are that white America holds the black man down. Living in a shanty on $1 a month is pretty low on the socio-economic ladder. Barack Obama is a black man that could change the socio-economic conditions of his own half-brother ... but he choses not to. Is that okay with you?

That article I linked to at the top says George Obama would like to attend a local college ... implying that he wants to escape the bounds of his poverty. Barack Obama himself had a wealthy Saudi Arabian benefactor put him through Harvard. Barack could help or have his brother helped for a fraction of the cost of a Harvard education. He has chosen not to help.

Obama's aunt 'in the US illegally'. Do you think that he should be held responsible for his aunt?

Personally, I don't think Obama is responsible for his family members no matter how much money he makes.

My issue is with those people in the media that judged Sarah Palin, but gave Barack Obama a pass. And, I'm confident that those reporters that are biased don't know or don't care to change.
Democracy only works with sane, educated voters that seek to make up their own mind by trying to look at the world in a fair and balanced way. I just think it is sad that the media doesn't help us do that more often.

And, by the way, in case you are very liberal and think I'm picking on Obama. I'm balanced with respect to labeling nutcases on both sides. At work some really inappropriate woman that I actually couldn't discuss debt with because she wouldn't even verify who she was told me I sounded like a terrorist and should vote for Obama. I didn't mince words when I threw right back at her that she was obnoxious and had stupid ideas.

This telephone call, by the way, came the same day that one of the major network's morning show had a segment on how to deal with pesky debt collectors. You know, because it is evil creditors and debt collectors that are something to fight against. That there are millions upon millions of Americans that deal with debt collectors only because they are REFUSE to make arrangements pay their debt ... that isn't a problem.