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Funny Political T-Shirt

I found tizmee's Gallery at Zazzle this evening while wandering around, and this tee got me giggling.

Thought provoking question shirt


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Winter Christmas Silent Night Card by StarStock

Today I found a lovely religious Christmas card. I'm still wandering around Zazzle trying to pick out a few cards. Between now and the end of October 2008, Zazzle is offering five free sample Holiday Cards. "When you place an order for cards, enter the promotional code GET5FREECARD at checkout to receive a $14.95 promotional credit."

Winter Christmas Silent Night


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The other day I added some of my own digital art featuring Christmas trees lighted up at night as a holiday card.

Happy Holidays Tree Lights Card


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Some mor…

How Many States in the USA?

This evening one of the top Google Trends is "how many states in the USA"?

Yes, you read that right.

As hard as it might be to believe, untold thousands of people -- presumably from the USA because 90+% of my Google visitors are Americans -- are wondering how many states there are in this country.

Here is Obama's take on the subject...

Obama Claims He's Visited 57 States

This silly T-shirt is in honor of a handful of Americans that have asked me if the NV abbreviation stands for "North Virginia". This funny tee is for the geographically literate.

I Love North Virginia T-Shirt


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Fun & Customizable Lyrics Doohickey

Want a cool gadget to display lyrics on your social network profile? Below is a scroller featuring the lyrics of “Invisible Touch” performed by “Genesis”.

Song Lyrics

And a funny cat pic...

invisible snowboard magnet


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Lipstick Republican

Here's a lovely "Lipstick Republican" pink, long-sleeved Palin T-shirt for women. I have some other Republican - McCain - Palin T-shirts at this page:

Lipstick Republican Ladies Pink T


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And then another tee the designer describes as: "Sarah Palin inspired 'Lipstick Republican' design for the woman who knows that strength AND beauty are a powerful combination!"

Lipstick Republican


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Read My Lipstick, I'm with Sarah Button by cowboyannie

Read My Lipstick, I'm with Sarah Button by cowboyannie

Read My Lipstick, I'm with Sarah.


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I'm Voting for That One Unisex Dark T-shirt by sarking

I missed the "That One" comment in the debates. Some designers at Zazzle have some very attractive options.

I'm Voting for That One Light Girly


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I'm Voting for That One Unisex Dark T-Shirt


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Obama "That ONE" Logo Bumper Sticker

Obama "That ONE" Logo Bumper Sticker

Obama "That ONE" Logo Sticker


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A Cute Puppy Pic

A completely adorable "I Miss You" sad puppy image for your profile. Cute puppy pic.

Here is the direct link...

Here are some Christmas Cards for Dog Lovers...

Puppies Are For Huggin' T-shirt by thekiddiepatch's Gallery at Zazzle.

Puppies Are For Huggin'


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Sarah Palin Shirt: Palin for President, 2012 by cutencomfy

Sarah Palin Shirt: Palin for President, 2012 by cutencomfy

Sarah Palin Shirt: Palin for President, 2012


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Christmas Kitten Postage Stamps & Greeting Cards

I found the cutest Christmas Kitten greeting card and stamp set today in kokobaby's Gallery at Zazzle. Adorable! And, it is just in time for a new sale they're having at Zazzle (which is why I was looking). Between now and the end of October 2008, Zazzle is offering five free sample Holiday Cards. "When you place an order for cards, enter the promotional code GET5FREECARD at checkout to receive a $14.95 promotional credit."

Christmas Kitten


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Christmas Kitten


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Some more of my favorite cat and kitten Christmas Cards on Zazzle:

Sexy Woman's Face T-shirt by Kimmiekins

Sexy Woman's Face T-shirt by kimmiekins's Gallery at Zazzle.

The designer says: "Sexy-wear for any man (or woman, that works too!). Check out those kissable lips. Yum!"

I say: Cool design and voted one of the best for October 5th over at Zazzle. The links and image below demonstrates the design on an edun LIVE Adam T-shirt. Here is a link if you're curious about the edun LIVE brand and the effort to increase trade, rather than aid, is working to sustain the apparel industry in Africa. This link describes how Bono and his wife started this project several years ago. This fall CBS has joined the effort by offering a limited edition Survivor tee using edun Live tees.

Sexy Woman's Face


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Yessy Art Gallery

Looking to buy or sell art, photos, clothing, ceramics or more online? I was wandering around this morning and found the Yessy Art Gallery (thanks to blogger smartmama). As of today, the entire site is hosting just shy of 250,000 items by a variety of artists. You can find paintings and prints, sculptures, drawings, illustration, glass work, textiles and apparel, antiques and collectibles, photography, ceramics and pottery, computer and digital art, jewelry, furniture, as well as crafts and other artwork.

The cost is $59 a year to host a gallery, and I can appreciate that they do have an affiliate program.