Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mashable Buttons

Over the last year or so I've found a new meaning for an old word enter into existence. Mash is now used to mean "to push" or "to select" as in .... mash a button on a phone.

For instance, at work we have a computerized dialer that makes hundreds of calls and it tells people to answer to select various options.

By the time I get people on the phone, many now tell me that "your computer system told me to mash the #2 if I wasn't the person."

Every time I hear someone use this new meaning I think ... no, our computer program did not tell you to mash the button. Mashing is for potatoes.

I just don't think of buttons as being mashable.

But some people sure do. I suppose it is the Internet having introduced new meanings?

Here's a tee I thought was cute from

Democratic Republican Pizza Party T-shirt by strk3

Democratic Republican Pizza Party T-shirtby strk3
Pizza Party: Taste you can believe in!

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Schagen World Map Skateboards

This "skateboard" mural is so cool!

I can see myself buying them for decorating my wall because I never was very good at skateboarding even when I was a flexible youngster.

I linked to the buy pages here:

Purple "Palin Power" T-shirts

Zazzle has an approximately 24 hour debate sale going on until late tomorrow ... $1 off political products. Here are a few cool purple "Palin Power" T-shirts.

Ladies Long Sleeve shirt with purple daisy by brattigrl's Gallery at Zazzle.

Purple Palin Power T-Shirt by designs4you's Gallery at Zazzle.
"Palin Power" in a shades of purple. Purple is the color this fall!

And some purple and pink leopard print shoes...

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Book Cover Business Card Template for Authors

Book Cover Business Card Template for Authors ~ See my gallery at Zazzle

A fully customizable business card tempate for published authors that is perfect promotional items for conventions or book signings.

Replace the "book cover" image with your own novel's cover, and add your own contact information.

You can also change the font style, color and size to fit your needs.

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Gallery Product Line: Promotional Items for Authors

New Free Online Word Processor

Adobe® Buzzword® is a new free online word processor that allows users to create documents filed with text, images, and URLs, etc...

The files can be exported in a host of file times including HTML (in other words, you can use Adobe Buzzword to help you create Web pages) and PDF files.

Of interest also is that people can collaborate and create a document together. That could be fun for writers working on a round robin.

They've come a long, long way since I look at their pages! There are a few other interesting services that I hadn't noticed yet.

They also offer free online file storage...

And free Web conferencing for small groups...

By the way, I found out about Adobe Buzzword here ... 21 Free online Tools to use Everyday!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Jolly Roger - Pirate Flag Poster

A cute pirate flag poster - Jolly Roger - skull on crossbones.

Palin's Travels - Free eBooks

One of the first things I did with Netflix was queue up all of Micheal Palin's travel shows like ... Around the World in 80 Days. I've watched everything Netflix has available, and I loved them. I enjoyed Palin's wacky sense of humor, and his visits with the fun people that he has met. I enjoyed seeing the geography and scenery from around the world. I don't have enough money and time to make these trips anytime soon, seeing some of the world was a wonderful distraction.

I have to admit, that I never bothered searching on-line for other resources and information with regards to Michael Palin. Today over at the blog Aurelia...Chrysalis Emerging I discovered that Palin's Travels is a really extensive Site. You can read the entire book from each television series created in free eBooks. The Site also has tons of photographs to accompany Michael Palin's travel journals such as his first try at Hookah (Around the World in 80 Days - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia).