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Flying Witch Postage Stamp by designs4you

Flying Witch Postage Stamp by designs4you's Gallery at Zazzle.

Halloween is coming rapidly. Here are some customized postage stamps with a cute, spooky silhouette of a witch flying across the face of a full moon.
Image credit: NASA Apollo 11

Flying Witch Postage Stamp


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Avoiding Motorcycle Theft

Motorcycles are in town by the thousands for Street Vibrations. This evening the Reno Police released helpful advice on avoiding motorcycle theft during the event.

They suggested parking your bike, chaining it up, leaving the area, then coming back in five minutes and looking our for suspicious characters hanging around your bike.

Or, I suppose, to check if your bike is still there.

Imagined reactions of Fred and Irma from Heartland, USA, a couple that decided visit Street Vibrations after Fred bought one of those side-car equipped wonder cycles that has more features than most luxury cars.

"Ohmigod, Fred, call the police!"

"Irma, honey, that dude ain't trying to steal our ride--"

"He's peeing in my seat!"

(I'm not trying to imply that all participants are going to drink heavily and get new tattoos, but finding suspicious characters is not going to be all that difficult.)

Future Republican T-shirt by artladymanor

I found this artladymanor's Gallery at Zazzle "Future Republican" onesie with a cute play on the GOP elephant.

Future Republican


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Obama Baby T-Shirt by artladymanor

This onesie I found on artladymanor's Gallery at Zazzle has got to me my favorite Obama design.

Obama Baby T-Shirt


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John McCain Sarah Palin T-shirt by gettingoutthevote

You'll find all kinds of designs from both sides of the fence at gettingoutthevote's Gallery at Zazzle. Some great designs too. I like this pink Palin T-shirt. They have an Obama equivalent.

John McCain Sarah Palin


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