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Sample Image for Heart Bookmarks

Below you'll find a sample image of the heart bookmarks in the Name Shop in my Zazzle gallery that demostrates the colors in the name design more clearly.

Below you'll find a link to one the Lily Heart Bookmark in the Name Shop of my Zazzle gallery. These tiny "bookmarks" are 1 inch by 3 inches in size. There are a handful of bookmarks available.

Lily Heart Bookmark


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Bowling Pins (as in Buttons)

If I were bowling for dollars, I'd still be broke. I come from a bowling family. My parents were on leagues. My brother worked in a bowling alley. My uncles were on leagues. My grandparents dated at the bowling alley on Friday nights. Everyone around me bowled and for decades.

Yet, I was always better if I had gutter bumpers. My best score is they worse they've ever done. Bowling was always a traumatic experience for me because everyone had tips. I could never just go to the bowling alley and roll the ball down the lane.

Still, I have fond memories of the sport that never was meant for me. I even have a bowling pin in storage. Not a button pin, but an actual white and red-striped bowling pin reject from the bowling alley my brother worked at. So I had to smile when I found jj_paul's Gallery at Zazzle this morning. I particularly like the round bowling ball designs on magnets, buttons and keychains. There are many colors and options.

Bowling Ball (Red)


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Pleiades in Purple Poster

Lovely, glowing purple (thanks to my digital art program) stars from the Pleiades Star Cluster (thanks to NASA/Hubble) were used to create this space art. I thought the glowing bright stars worked perfectly with this ultraviolet royal purple color.

Pleiades in Purple Poster by annaleeblysse
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Making My Christmas Shopping List Already

There is just a few more days with my nephew before he heads home to his mother's home for the winter. His half-sister was in California for awhile, but is spending a few days here now and she liked these. Just saving these shoes to the wish list label so that I remember what she liked and can get her a pair for Christmas.

Pleiades in Purple Keds Shoe


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Lovely, glowing purple (thanks to my digital art program) stars from the Pleiades Star Cluster (thanks to NASA/Hubble) were used to create these shoes. I thought worked perfectly with this ultraviolet royal purple color.

Love on the beach - Customized Postage

Were I to be getting married anytime soon... here is the customized postage and postcards I'd send out. Alas, at this point is a mystery as to name of the groom!

Love on the beach - Customized


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Custom beach card


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