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Working on Name Designs

I Love Zuma T-Shirt


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There aren't all that many names that start with Z. This African name is nice ... and popular. Baby name gifts can be created from this design.

Old Pier Planet

I was having fun with one of my favorite pics this weekend. This image of some old piles in downtown Dillingham lend themselve to funky designs. Here is a polar panorama featuring the old pier's pilings.

Old Pier Planet Mousepad


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Old Pier Planet Poster

A polar panorama of an image of some ancient pilings that supported an old pier in Dillingham, Alaska. On this spheroid or "planet", the skyscrapers are much larger than the tiny world.

Old Pier Planet Poster by annaleeblysse
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Eat, Sleep & Swim! Hat

Eat, Sleep & Swim! tee for swimming and diving fans both recreational and sport.

Eat, Sleep & Swim! Hat by annaleeblysse
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New News for Shoe Designing Zazzlers

I was pleased to see this weekend that Zazzle added a feature where you can have the left shoe printed as an exact copy of the right. What this means for us budding shoe designers that enjoy creating name designs is that we can upload our own images with text and that image won't be mirrored onto the left shoe. So, Cleo, can enjoy these shoes knowing people won't think her name is oelc (can't type mirrored).

Cleo Rainbow Keds Shoe


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Fired Sky Keds Shoe

Someone on bought a pair of these Keds Shoes last night. They're among my favorite (that I've designed) and I want a pair myself, but there is one problem. I've got wide feet and I want to make sure they would be comfortable before buying them online. I need to try some on, but I am not the best shopper here in the "real world". I talk myself out of going to stores until the threads are unraveling and my pants are falling off. So it has been really easy to talk myself out of going to a store just to try on shoes I plan to buy later. I spend plenty of money on-line, because I don't do stores well. I have a knack for finding the most perfume-laden shopper in the store and having a violent allergic reacton to the toxins they're sloughing-off in the environment. That seldom happens when I'm at home shopping on-line!

Fired Sky Keds Shoe


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I Love (Fill in the Blank) T-Shirt

I Love (Fill in the Blank) T-Shirt by annaleeblysse
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What is it that you love? Let the world know what you love the most with this fully customizable tee. The "Fill in the Blank" text below the "I Heart" design can be changed.

As you can see in the image below, the size of the heart design can change if needed to match the added text.

I just got done watching Michael Phelps get his 8 for 8 gold medals.

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