Thursday, August 07, 2008

Just Call Me A Swing Voter

Maybe I'm a fickle voter because today my attention is moving more toward Darth Vader in '08.

Yes. Definitely.

Vader all the way!

Perhaps Paris should add Vader to her ticket and together they can "rule the galaxy".

Paris 2008!

Though I am going public with the statement that I won't be voting for Paris Hilton unless she apoligizes for her insensitive remarks about old people on her recent McCain parody video.... (continued below the funny Paris 2008! bumper sticker).

I really hope she apologizes, because we've never had a sitting president with their own perfume line and it is about time.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Pleiades Star Cluster Poster

A lovely, glowing blue image of the Pleiades Star Cluster (NASA/Hubble). The Pleiades have held mankind's attention for millenia and this image shows us why.

Monday, August 04, 2008

The Helix Nebula Poster

The distances involved boggle the mind. At a mere 690 light years, the Helix is the closest planetary nebula. When the light waves we see in this amazing image started their journey toward Earth, the man that would someday invent the telescope would be born in 257 years. Hans Lippershey was born in 1570. The image is thanks to NASA and the Hubble program.

Natural Magic Mousepad

Steve Taylor has a few free samples of his desktop wallpaper art at, but members ($35 for a lifetime membership) have access to everything. There are currently 87 mousepads at the Zazzle gallery and they're all cool.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Mermaid Dream Postcard

Nice news in the inbox this evening....

Mermaid Dream in the postcard version caught Today's Best August 3, 2008 over at Zazzle. As I recall, there would be some custom postage waiting in the approval queue that matches the card and postcard.

Dino Drop Game

Image and video hosting by TinyPicI was wandering around reading about Portland's Rose Festival (which happened earlier this summer already and was 100 years in the making), and found this cute little time sucker on Jurassic Joe. In Dino Drop you move around adjacent eggs to line up three or more of one color. What I meant to be a test run to see if I should recommend it to the nephew turned into a half hour! LOL.

Back to the festival... Up until now there have been twenty years worth featuring the Portland Rose Festival Dragon Boat Race. I wouldn't mind catching that one year. There is information regarding the 2009 Portland Rose Festival on their Site already though. I could set aside some time next June.