Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Chiquitita - in Spanish (ABBA) - from "300 Millones"

Song Lyrics

ABBA's Chiquitita is one of my favorite songs. I recently found the Spanish version of the song on YouTube. It is as lovely as the English version. The lyrics to Chiquitita by ABBA are in the scrolling gadget directly above.

ABBA Fernando Spanish Español

Another YouTube find...

ABBA's Fernando in the Spanish version. The scrolling gadget below displays the Fernando's lyrics.

Song Lyrics

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less.


It's time to drill in ANWR, because it was time to drill twenty years ago. When I was in high school I debated for drilling in ANWR. As I've watched the decades slip by with no action, I've always been surprised. Worrying about an oil field in ANWR is like worrying about Clover, South Carolina taking up too much room. Believe it or not, ANWR is almost the same size as South Carolina. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuse is 19 million acres. That means that ANWR is bigger than the ten smallest states. ANWR covers more ground than Massachusetts, New Jersey, Hawaii, Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island combined. And almost all that grown is flat land populated by mosquitos all summer and frozen solid all winter. No one lives there. No one visits there. Television reporters bring back file footage of the Brooks Range 150 miles away from where the oil companies would set up camp because they don't even want to visit there.

ANWR will remain one of the last wild places on Earth if we start using 10,000 (they need less than that) acres out of that 19,000,000. Honestly, there is so much empty space up there folks that you'll never even miss it. Empty. Flat. Mosquitos. Lots of those little drillers around. Of the 370,000,000+ people alive in the United States today a few thousand will ever set foot in that corner of Alaska in their liftime .. and that is if they open ANWR for oil exploration. Why? Because it is empty, cold and not that pretty and people like to vacation in places like Hawaii.

Here is a page that explains how most Alaskans do suport development in the coastal plain of ANWR.