Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fabulously40 and Beyond


Fabulously40 and Beyond is a community or social network of women. One of their selling points is that they help people promote their business for free. Not being a member (yet anyway), some of the services are hidden. But it seems there is the ability to blog (thus link back to Web sites). I didn't find a profile that allowed people to link back to their Web site, but the blog option would allow that. There were articles that had Web site links in the byline such as 7 Secrets that Make Your Novel Sell.

Smart and funny use of Google Adwords

I haven't found anything truly funny on my own adsense content, but other people find silly adwords wandering around the Internet. Here are a few links.
Smart and funny use of Google Adwords

ROI Revolution's Funny Adwords Contest
Funny Adwords Contest: Round 2
Funny Adwords Contest: Round 1 Winners

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'll Be All Smiles Tonight

The video on YouTube is of Martina McBride & the Chieftains performing I'll Be All Smiles Tonight at the Grand Old Opry.

Lyrics for the traditional Irish song I'll Be All Smiles Tonight.

I'll Be All Smiles Tonight

I'll be all smiles tonight, Love, I'll be all smiles tonight
Though my heart may break tomorrow, I'll be all smiles tonight

I'll deck my brow with roses the loved ones may be there
And gems that others gave me will shine within my hair
And even those who know me will think my heart in light
Though my heart may break tomorrow, I'll be all smiles tonight

I'll be all smiles tonight, Love, I'll be all smiles tonight
Though my heart may break tomorrow, I'll be all smiles tonight

And when the room he entered with a bride upon his arm
I stood and gazed upon him as though he was a charm
And once he smiled upon her as once he'd smiled at me
They knew not what I suffered, they found no change in me

I'll be all smiles tonight, Love, I'll be all smiles tonight
Though my heart may break tomorrow, I'll be all smiles tonight.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Ack! Customer Review

Not all that long ago there was an article in the local paper about HP making some decent profits of late. They must have made these profits by putting less ink in the printer ink cartridges.

A month ago a brand spanking new ink cartridge was put into the printer so tax paperwork could be printed up and mailed to the IRS. Today the darn cartridge was empty and needed replacing.

For the love of David, all I printed was...

Tax paperwork (probably only 30 pages)
Confirmation for a hotel room (8 pages)
Maps of Las Vegas area from Yahoo Maps (2 pages)
One e-mail from my sister in-law (2 pages)

That is it!

Not kidding.

Compared to the past output of HP ink cartridges, I can tell you that several years ago when I was editting Starlit Destiny I'd print that entire book of 400 + pages on one cartridge!

What is up with the missing ink?

Separating Fact from Fiction

10.5 the mini-series is described on the site as: "Disaster Strikes the United States when an earthquake of epic proportions hits the Pacific Northwest causing the West Coast to separate form the rest of the continent and there is only one man who can save it and 50 Million people for annihilation."

Note: I am quoting that production descirption above. personally I like "from" just fine.

I was wandering around and discovered a section of their site dedicated to pointing out that 10.5 is a mini-series with some major errors.

One of the Web pages on the site, Separating Fact from Fiction, lists some of the bad science in that movie such as why a 10.5 is impossible.

Earthquake Myths has accurate information that would be helpful for a writer that wants to depict what actually happens in an earthquake. They talk about gaping faults being a poor literary device.

But, the ground can open up....

My mother tells me stories from the 9.2 Good Friday Earthquake in Alaska. She recalls a log cabin that ended up as a bridge of sorts over a huge crack. It was around 30 feet wide and deep enough to kill people that would have fallen into it. She remembers how the logs bowed in the center but were strong enough to keep the main body of the home from caving in.

U.S. Geological Survey Photographic Library

U.S. Geological Survey Photographic Library - Earthquakes

USGS has a library of images from over 100 years of major earthquakes. For example, they have images from 1985 Mexico City quake, the 1906 San Francisco quake, the 1964 Alaska Earthquake.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wishing Tremors Would End Elsewhere Too

More mini quakes last night here in Reno area that shook for sustained moments in time. I'm feeling a little guilty for feeling emotionally shaken. About the only thing I have to worry about since the whole earthquake swarm started in February is that we've lost a lot of glassware, there are a few new cracks walls, and have to walk carefully out front now because there are uneven slabs of concrete on the sidewalk. I don't sleep well because I know it can get worse ... but it hasn't gotten worse. I try to tell myself not worrying about something I have absolutely no control over.

But I do have some control over helping others that have gone through my worse nightmare and survived. I was reading through some of the numbers and looking at the pictures from the China's earthquakes devestation. To me it is particularly depressing to see the images of schools that were destroyed. I can only try to imagine the profound loss of losing your only child in a natural disaster and knowing they died in terror and pain.

Here is a few links I've found to make even a small donation.

American Red Cross,1077,0_314_7732,00.html

Chinese Red Cross