Sunday, April 06, 2008

I started up at redbubble today by uploading one image of Lassen Peak reflecting in Lake Helen at Lassen Volcanic National Park.

Hopefully I figured out how to show name rather than username on these images and I hope it isn't too late for that one. Though I suppose erasing and redoing isn't really a problem with these kind of online services.

At redbubble there is some very lovely artwork and photography on prints, wall art, greeting cards and T-shirts. In the hour or so I was wandering around looking at groups and such, I can see that some folks using redbubble are part of a very active community. The image of Lake Helen had seven comments right away.

For people like me that write and take pictures, there is a writing component. I didn't really investigate that fully.

Thank Goodness for Soda

I downloaded my first Pepsistuff MP3 today. Crazy by Gnarls Barkley.

The song makes for a great theme song for work lately. The day job has been driving me nuts. No. Correction. It isn't the job. There are a few individual people driving me nuts. You know ... crabby. For instance, this lady I work with was sitting at one of the manager's stations complaining about all the people that complain. I guess this fits that bill! Well, I'm not complaining about the job though. LOL. It does pay my bills. Sure would be nice if writing or graphics did that, or I could spend more time online!

Well anyway...

This song Gnarls Barkley - Crazy was on the radio on the way home.

It fits!

Downtown Records won't let us embed the video on YouTube, but here is the link.

If you haven't seen the video you should take a look. They did a wonderful job playing with graphics and Rorschach inkblots.