Monday, March 10, 2008

Goofy Laws

A comment on the scandal over NY Governor Spitzer being linked to a prostitution ring.

I live in a state where if the governer visited a prositute it would only be his wife (or her husband) and a handful on constituents that would get upset. But, it wouldn't be against the law.

I am not a proponent of legalizing prostitution again at the Federal level ... or even keeping it as part of the laws here in Nevada. I think that history has proven that women that sell sex aren't valued and the feminist kicking around inside me thinks prostitution devalues women as a whole. Yet, at the same time, being the "oldest profession" means that writing a law to stop it will only slow the venture done but never put an end to it. And I also think that making criminals out of idiots should not be the intent of any law.

And other goofy stuff related to laws...

They had a class recently over in the Bay Area about how to sell medical marijuana. Apparently different types of marijuana are better for what ails you and they'll actually teach drug dealers the differences. Now, who are "they?" Even if "they" involves the State of California, that is exactly why the laws that allow medical marijuana are goofy. I am absolutely positive that the FDA hadn't done an indepth analysis of the differences between Matanuska Thunderf*** and Maui Wowie.

Sure enough, the trend to make legalized dealers is already being abused. I was jokingly telling a coworker that I should go over to California and take this class and rent a little shack over in Verdi (right past the CA border) and start selling. I really was just joking because I thought that class was funny and since this tax season hasn't been turning out paying debtors in record numbers so commissions have been slow at work. I was just teasing, but it turns out my coworker already knows a Nevadan that have done just that.