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Goofy Laws

A comment on the scandal over NY Governor Spitzer being linked to a prostitution ring.

I live in a state where if the governer visited a prositute it would only be his wife (or her husband) and a handful on constituents that would get upset. But, it wouldn't be against the law.

I am not a proponent of legalizing prostitution again at the Federal level ... or even keeping it as part of the laws here in Nevada. I think that history has proven that women that sell sex aren't valued and the feminist kicking around inside me thinks prostitution devalues women as a whole. Yet, at the same time, being the "oldest profession" means that writing a law to stop it will only slow the venture done but never put an end to it. And I also think that making criminals out of idiots should not be the intent of any law.

And other goofy stuff related to laws...

They had a class recently over in the Bay Area about how to sell medical marijuana. Apparently different types of marijuana are bet…