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Showing posts from March 2, 2008

Late Night Last Night

I stayed up very late last night (all night) because I found Flektor (rather re-finding after three weeks). I upload some pics to TinyPic, and I had noticed the flek option before but I didn't know you could get a profile and re-edit fleks and make "movies" and polls and all kinds of cool stuff to add some spice to your profiles on MySpace and other sites.

Then of course, another reason to join is it takes a few moments and their profile will have an active link to your Web site. I have way more freebie accounts on various services than I'll ever have time to use because I figure free links never hurt traffic to at least my main Web site.

Interesting little tidbit for people wondering about how important links are.

I have a CafePress store that I link to on my main Website, and as soon as I started linking to it search engines started sending traffic. I usually get several visitors a day thanks to search engine traffic. Not enough, but I do get them!

I also have a gener…

Speaking of links...

Here is a link to a website for Miss USA Alaska Courtney Erin Carrol. I found the link in my inbox because family are passing it around to see if people can help with travel expenses donations. Next month here in Las Vegas one of my distant or shirt-tail relations is competing in Miss USA, and if she wins that she could go on to the Miss Universe pageant. I figure linkage never hurt nothing and so there is a link. She is a lovely young lady (never met her) and I wish her the best of luck. Power of positive thought here ... it will be wonderful to see a beautiful Native Alaskan representing the USA at a world competition! Until I heard about her through the family e-mail chain, I didn't know the difference between Miss USA and Miss America. This is what Wikipedia has to say on the subject.

Speaking of beautiful, and what we think is beautiful...

Black vs. White vs. Red

There is this idiot man at work that drinks on breaks but can do no wrong in the eyes of this one boss and it irriate…