Sunday, February 10, 2008

Be Kind - Go Green

Go Green for a Long Life by Dr. Maoshing Ni over at Yahoo!

That's the link to an article I read this morning and thought....

Organic toilet paper? No! Please tell me that is a typo. I like my chemically-enhanced and toxic TP.

No chewing gum? No! I'm an ex smoker that wasn't emotionally attached to cigarrettes. I was an oral habit. Though, I suppose that gum chewing is a safer alternative than smoking so I may just keep chewing plastic.

I read through some of the comments and there are quite a few that think this is bunk. I'm here to tell you that having RAD (Reactive Airway Disease) is no picnic. I had a particularly tough past two months because when I get a cold it takes longer to heal and coughing fits can get twice as severe. At work recently I walked through a recently sprayed cloud of air freshner and got into a coughing fit that lasted 15 minutes. I had increased heart rate, high fever, and my lungs seized up on me (that's what I call it) and so I started coughing and hacking and coughing some more.

I think it was the woman next to the woman that sprayed the stuff that asked ... who is coughing like that? The implication was she didn't want to catch whatever I had. When I got done coughing up a lung and could talk I about lost it. I almost screamed at them. I didn't really yell, but I wasn't quite and polite either.

"I'm not sick. I'm reacting to that damn air freshner. I wasn't coughing before it was sprayed. I won't cough after the chemicals settle down. Please stop it. You're killing me over here. Am I the only person at work that has read the bottle and seen that it warns 'do not inhale' and realizes that the company that manufactured it wasn't kidding!"

I've lived with this issue for my entire life. When I was a kid I was reacting to products. I have learned that most people don't care unless they are affected. Sad, but true. People just don't care how sick they make people around them. Smokers want to smoke no matter what. Perfumers want to perfume no matter what. Lysol fanatics want to de-germ no matter what.

And some people don't care because they're evil, they are just completely unobservant. They don't see the A + B = C relationshiop. They don't notice that when they themselves "spray perfume on their own body" + "they start coughing for the next half hour" = "that they may be allergic and should stop wearing perfume". As Forest Gump once said ... stupid is as stupid does.

It sounds like I have a negative outlook on life, but I really have been dealing with this issue for decades and no one ever cares to stop their obnoxious habits. Not even friends. I know people with bathrooms with opening windows that will spray air freshner rather than open a window because they won't change their own habits for other people.

I'll finish this post with some work place tips to go green and be kind.

Want to wear perfume? Don't really care that you are poisoning yourself? There are about five women I work with that perfume up at their desk just before leaving for the day. My advice is that they can just as easily apply it in their car and breath the cloud of toxic chemicals all their their little lonesomes. Seriously folks. Never. Ever. Never ever. Never and I do mean ever apply perfume in public where you will make others suffer with you. It is rude. It is unkind. And it is downright dangerous to people with medical conditions where they need functioning lungs.

And in answer to the problem of someone farting as they walk past your cubicle at work.... Rather than spray toxic chemicals (that don't smell all that great anyway) use that your air smells like a fart as an excuse to get up and walk to the water coolor for a tiny break. You'll get the blood pumping and no one else will have to cough up a lung.

That was what caused my last 15 minutes breakdown at work. All that work for my lungs thanks to someone farting.