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Be Kind - Go Green

Go Green for a Long Life by Dr. Maoshing Ni over at Yahoo!

That's the link to an article I read this morning and thought....

Organic toilet paper? No! Please tell me that is a typo. I like my chemically-enhanced and toxic TP.

No chewing gum? No! I'm an ex smoker that wasn't emotionally attached to cigarrettes. I was an oral habit. Though, I suppose that gum chewing is a safer alternative than smoking so I may just keep chewing plastic.

I read through some of the comments and there are quite a few that think this is bunk. I'm here to tell you that having RAD (Reactive Airway Disease) is no picnic. I had a particularly tough past two months because when I get a cold it takes longer to heal and coughing fits can get twice as severe. At work recently I walked through a recently sprayed cloud of air freshner and got into a coughing fit that lasted 15 minutes. I had increased heart rate, high fever, and my lungs seized up on me (that's what I call it) and so I started coughi…