Monday, February 04, 2008

Going to godaddy...

Another of the Hot Trend at Google on SuperBowl Sunday was searches for various spellings of I suppose to see the racy (ha) Danica's "Exposure" commercial that is too twisted for color TV. Seeing that trend to Google reminded me I've been meaning to register another domain name for the CafePress shop I opened in 2007. I watched the Internet commercial while I was there and got a good laugh.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

How Old is Tom Petty?

I started this post in answering Heather's comment in my last post...

Along the lines of those of us who do seek out information ... just because people pay attention doesn't make us smart!

I include myself in this category because I do not use Google for purposes that further my intellectual development as often as I could.

I was looking at the Google Trends today (see what I mean), and the # 1 hot trend today to search on the Internet was "how old is tom petty". And the other #99 hot trends were pretty much indicative that Google wasn't being in conjunction with critical thinking skills today.

I laughed because if knowledge is power, the Internet puts that power at our fingertips 24-7, rather than using that power for the good of mankind today hundreds or thousands, or maybe even hundreds of thousands of people were using Google today to find useless, trivial matters.

So in response to Heather I vote for this test come election day. I think they should ask everyone ... "Did you Google 'how old is tom petty' on SuperBowl Sunday?"

Anyone that answers "yes" gets booted.

Okay, so maybe that is being a bit harsh.